Sydney's Best Shaded Playgrounds For All Weather Fun

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist 

Sydney has some of the best playgrounds in the country, but there's one thing that they get wrong time and time again - especially the new ones - the shade! Or should we say, the lack thereof. It can turn an awesome playground into something of a hazard and cuts playtime short, particularly in summer - but also in winter when all the fun stuff gets wet. Luckily there are some playgrounds that have been designed with sun safety in mind. These are our favourite Sydney playgrounds which provide us with shelter from the elements...


Image via Parra Parents 

Village Green, Bicentennial Park

Of all of the Sydney Olympic Park playgrounds, this one has the best shade! With huge shade sails that actually cover the play equiptment and soft fall surfacing, it's perfect for little explorers. The playground is landscaped with shrubs and rocks and there are benches in the shade for parents to relax plus picnic shelters with BBQs. Pack a picnic and make a day of it!


Image via Sydney Mums Group

Wahroonga Park Playground, Wahroonga

A shaded playground to toot about! Kids love this playground for its train theme - it actually has its own musical train platform - and parents love it for all the shade it provides. Over on the north side, if it seems far away then drop in on your next north coast road trip. 


Strathfield Park Playground

This one is brand new but unlike so many other new playgrounds, the shade is so generous! Kids will love the huge, twisting superslides and they can play for hours in the natural shade. At Strathfield Park there are a number of cloth shades across the play area which provide good shade but the park is also lined with trees which provide plenty of protection. There are also park benches and plenty of shaded areas for you to place a picnic blanket and relax. 


Lyne Park, Rose Bay

This playground by the water with views over to Shark Island and Manly is well shaded with trees and a large canopy, plus it's pirate themed so you know it's going to keep everyone happy. Lyne Park is a great one for keeping cool in summer as this park really catches the wind on some days. Plus, it's gated. 


Burwood Park Playground

Established in the late 1800’s so you just know it's going to have ample trees and shade! This playground actually has the trifecta, it's shaded, it's gated AND it's near a great cafe. If that's not enough, at Burwood Park there's also an oversized chess board, a war memorial, obelisk, rotonda and best of all, a duck pond! 


Carss Bush Playground

This newly renovated playground in the St George area is the place that has it all. Carss Bush Park has a great playground, wide open spaces, awesome facilities, fish and chips and Kogarah Bay to paddle in. The surrounding bush land provides lots of natural shade and there are shade cloths over some of the play equiptment too. 


Mount Annan Botanic Gardens And Playground

Not only is there duck feeding, there is ample shade, so you can spend a whole day here! At Mount Annan Botanic Gardens, your kids will love exploring in nature and parents will love the natural shade that said nature provides. Not only is it a gated playground, the Garden has a great pond, small waterfalls and water features, as well as lots of interesting trees and gardens with wide smooth paths to walk or wheel along.


Lizard Log Playground

Voted best playground in NSW, Lizard Log Playground is the kind of park your kids won't want to leave - so thank goodness it's shaded! It was designed so as to blend comfortably with the natural environment and allow kids the opportunity to both play and explore its natural bush setting. So not only will they love exploring, parents can relax knowing the kids are protected. 


Philip Ruddock Water Playground

This new playground (opened last year) integrates water features into standard playground equipment with nearby BBQ and picnic shelters, meaning the whole family can spend whole days here getting relief from the summer sun. At Philip Ruddock Water Playground your kids will love the fountains, tipping buckets, water jets and other interactive features. Currently it is under renovation but we are told it will be reopening next month. 


James Ruse Reserve Playground

If you can't wait for Philip Ruddock, head nearby to a very similar waterpark. James Ruse opened up in 2014 and paved the way with all of the shade! This Parramatta favourite has local kids splashing through the warmer months - it's actually the largest in the area. There is also a regular playground but sadly not much shade - it was almost too good to be true!  


Willoughby Park, Willoughby 

This is the park for all weathers! At Wiloughby Park on the north shore you are blessed with lots of gorgeous mature trees providing shade in the play areas plus free BBQs on site and there’s a covered gazebo so you can play in the great outdoors even if it’s raining. 


Have we missed one of your favourite shaded playgrounds? Let us know in the comments!