NEW Interactive Playground, Community Hub and Dining Precinct At Newmarket Randwick

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A historic former stable yard in Randwick has become a cool urban hub breathing new life into the neighbourhood. Newmarket Randwick is all about celebrating diversity, bringing together the distinct stable architecture of the heritage-listed precinct, with a range of play areas, outdoor spaces and community facilities.

The playground officialy opened with the loosening of restrictions on playgrounds.- yay! 

Newmarket has been a significant part of Randwick’s heritage since its inception in the early 1860s. For the last century, the famous Inglis family have run Australia’s premier thoroughbred sales yard from the 5-hectare property. Once the home to champion horses such as Black Caviar and Bernborough, the Newmarket Randwick site will now boast a state of art playground, luxury residences and a vibrant retail precinct.

Image: Paul McMillan

Best Laid Plans

This new precinct and playground was due to open in March 2020, but obviously things didn't go to plan! As they say, good things come to those who wait.

You can now visit the new cafes with all of them open for (book-ahead) dine in. And you can take the kids for a (responsible) play on the slide. 

Newmarket Randwick Playground

With a focus on bringing people together, a large part of the new development is dedicated to open, green spaces that families can enjoy. The former Sales Ring has been transformed into an incredible interactive children's playground under the shade of the long-standing grand Fig Tree - an ideal natural setting for kids to play and learn. The modern play space, with a central climbing structure, enclosed slides and loads of space for running wild, becomes an illuminated wonderland at night! The surrounding area of Inglis Park boasts an abundance of parkland, outdoor seating and BBQ facilities, and a nearby community garden that welcomes all budding green thumbs.

Inglis Park Newmarket

“The Deck”, a communal outdoor entertainment space, and a retail sector with a host of local stores, restaurants and cafes, will also bring the village to life and create a contemporary haven never before seen in Randwick.

Bringing together tranquillity, history and community is the cornerstone of Newmarket Randwick, providing a new precinct where families can enjoy the space and connect with the neighbourhood in a whole new way.

Check out Newmarket at Barker St, Randwick. Found out more at Newmarket Randwick

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Gordon Boughton

Jun 23 2020

Excellent for toddlers and kids but not for adult skate boarders at 3:30pm. They were skating onto the wooden seating platform this afternoon and scraping across the edge about 50cm above the ground. They thoughtfully used wax to make it slicker and so minimise splintering But it is dangerous when children and mothers with prams etc


Jane Smith

May 15 2020

They even have barbecues there! But they didn't even bother adding an easily accessible public toilet! They have an amenities sign but it's false advertising. To get to the toilets and parents room that's part of the residential building you either need a key or hope that someone has left a witches hat by the door. The designers obviously don't have kids with tiny bladders. No trees for backup toilet trips either.