All Stations to Fun at the Tramshed Playground & Cafe

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Toot toot! The Tramshed Playground is the colourful, tram-themed playground and cafe we didn't know we needed but now we can't get enough of it!

First came the tram-themed cafe, complete with a restored 60-year-old tram, and now we have the adjacent playground for all your tram-themed imaginative play!

Sydney's Favourite Tramshed Playground & Cafe

Tramshed Playground
The Tramshed Playground is also called Berry Reserve Playground in Narrabeen.

The Tramshed Cafe is located next to the picturesque Narrabeen Lake on the Northern Beaches, and the set-up is a huge hit with locals. Now that the playground is here, expect things to get a little carriage'd away!

Also called the Berry Reserve Playground, the Tramshed Playground opened in 2018 and has been delighting little playground-goers ever since. The adorable tram-themed playground has all the bells and whistles of a tram station, including a mini platform, tram tracks and ticket booth. So cute!

The Tramshed Cafe

Tramshed Cafe in Narrabeen
The Tramshed Cafe is open six days a week.

The Tramshed Cafe lies immediately next to the playground and is the perfect spot to stop in for a coffee, yummy snacks, and even a meal. The delicious kids' menu offers French Toast ($8), Fish and Chips ($10), and loads of other snacks and treats.

Of course, the true calling card of this venue is the beautifully restored green and cream R-class tram. It spent 25 years rattling along the Spit Bridge to North Sydney route. Little ones can climb aboard to relive a slice of Sydney history while parents can sit back and relax with a bite to eat and a cup of Little Marionette coffee.

Tramshed Cafe Opening Hours

The cafe is open daily from 7.30 am to 4 pm (5 pm on weekends) but is closed on Tuesdays.

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