Top Ten Last Minute Easy DIY Book Week Costumes

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Book Week is almost here… again! A parade is looming and a costume is required. GULP! Have no fear, ellaslist is here. We’ve put together our fail-safe list of easy peasy Book Week dress up ideas, to get you out of the woods and living happily ever after.

The Cat in the Hat & Green Eggs and Ham – Dr. Seuss

What You’ll Need:
A tall red and white striped hat and a large red bow tie. They can be constructed out of cardboard. Draw on, or buy, a cat nose and whiskers. A cinch! For those green eggs fans, all you’ll need is a yellow dress and red hat (optional). For those green eggs, take a paint palette or a plastic plate and colour in some eggs.

Source: Made Everyday

Wally – Where’s Wally?

What You’ll Need:
A red and white striped beanie, a red and white striped long-sleeve top, blue jeans, round glasses and a cane. Voila!

Source: Repeat Crafter Me

Harry Potter – The Harry Potter Series

What You’ll Need:
A long cloak-style jacket (or try a dressing gown?), round glasses and a magic wand. Don’t forget the shaggy hair. Hey presto!

Source: Pieces by Polly


What You’ll Need:
Our favourite bookworm just needs a blue dress with a jacket and a red ribbon. And don’t forget a book (and ideally a glass jar with a newt inside if possible!)

Source: Pinterest


Alice – Alice in Wonderland

What You’ll Need:
A blue dress, white apron, white leggings, black shoes and a black ‘Alice’ headband. Carry a small bottle with a ‘drink me’ label for extra oomph!

Maisy The Mouse – Maisy

What You’ll Need:
Any clothes will do, but overalls are a favourite. Add mouse ears and a tail, and draw on or buy a mouse nose and whiskers!

Source: Real Life Notes

The Man In The Yellow Hat – Curious George

What You’ll Need:
Grab a yellow shirt and jeans with brown boots. If you don’t have a yellow tie lying around, make one with cardboard with black polka dots. Bring along your toy monkey and it’s all done!

Source: Rachel Parenting + Lifestyle Tips

10. Charlie Bucket – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

What You’ll Need:
Well-loved jeans and a woolly jumper. Beanie optional. Add a chocolate bar and a golden ticket. A sure winner!

Source: The Plunge Down Under




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