Six of the Best Waterfalls near Sydney

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Make this summer one of magic and adventure by visiting some of the most gorgeous waterfalls our state has to offer.

These are our top 6 waterfalls, located either in or around the Sydney region. Children will feel like real little mermaids and mermen at all of these stunning natural wonders.

Collins Flat Beach Waterfall

Nestled between North Head and Little Manly Cove, you can only get to this little gem by foot (or boat!). Scenic harbour views and calm waters accompany this waterfall. You might even spot a passing ferry, or a fairy penguin!


Empress Falls

You can find this beauty along the National Pass Walking Track in the beautiful Blue Mountains. There’s plenty of rest stops along the way, so don’t let ‘walking track’ scare you! Water passes down 30 metres of rock layers into a deep swimming lagoon below. Amazing.

Winifred Falls, Royal National Park

Probably better for older kids as this one comes with a 4km walk! But what awaits you is definitely worth the effort. Water cascades into a gorgeous deep green pool. An optional side trip along the track will lead you to South West Arms Pools which are also worth a visit.


Upper Gledhill Falls

Just a 5 minute walk from McCarrs Creek Road, Ku-ring-gai Chase is a tall waterfall surrounded by lush greenery, feeding into an enchanted-looking pool ideal for swimming. The stream is larger after rainfall, but if not, you can delicately get right amongst its flow.

upper gledhill falls
Source: Andre Distel Photography/Flickr

Nellies Glen, Budderoo National Park

A misty dipping pool beneath cascading freshwater makes this well worth the 90 minutes out-of-Sydney drive. Keep your eyes open for brightly coloured orchids and bower birds... as if it gets more stunning than that!

nellies glen
Source: steve_rabe/flickr

Jump Rock, Macquarie Pass

Not to be confused with Manly’s Jump Rock, this one can be found after a 45-minute walk after parking at the base of Macquarie Pass. The waterfall flows into a deep swimming pool where people love to jump into on the various ledge heights surrounding the pool.

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