Dorrigo National Park: Walk Through a Magical Waterfall

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And we mean literally walk through a waterfall! Crystal Shower Falls in the Dorrigo National Park is one of the most majestic waterfalls in NSW, and flows proudly throughout the year for outdoor adventurers to ogle at.

If you and the kids love going on a walk through nature and enjoying a lush waterfall after, add Crystal Shower Falls to your waterfall bucket list.

Dorrigo National Park: Walk Through a Magical Waterfall 

Waterfalls Coffs Harbour
The Dorrigo National Park has more than one amazing waterfall to explore!

Crystal Shower Falls is nestled in the Dorrigo National Park near Coffs Harbour and is home to several world-class waterfalls, the biggest one being the Red Cedar Falls and the most family-friendly being Crystal Shower Falls.

The Dorrigo National Park itself is a wonder of natural beauty. As part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, Dorrigo’s rainforests are simply spectacular and the perfect excursion for nature seekers or those utterly impressed by the fact that they’ve been in existence for millions (yes, millions!) of years.

Spectacular Waterfalls in Sydney & Beyond

Dorrigo National Park Waterfalls

Red Cedar Falls
Red Cedar Falls is the largest flowing waterfall in the Dorrigo National Park.

While the sheer magnitude of Red Cedar Falls is pretty impressive, we suspect the three-hour hike to get there won’t impress the kids so much.

Crystal Shower Falls, on the other hand, is only a three-kilometre return journey, and rewards venturers with lush towering rainforests, plenty of birdlife, and spectacular views once you reach the rocky cavern behind the waterfall, and yes, you can go in!

The Grade 2 walking track will suit all fitness levels and shouldn't leave the kids too hot and bothered. 

Getting to Crystal Shower Falls

Crystal Shower Falls
Get ready to walk through a waterfall at Crystal Shower Falls.

Location: Lyrebird Link, Dorrigo Mountain

Access to Crystal Shower Falls is from the Glade Picnic Area, which is one kilometre from the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre. From here, you’ll join onto the Satinbird Stroll that links up to the Wonga Walk taking you all the way to the waterfall. For those keen to walk behind (or through!) the waterfall, just follow the side suspension bridge up to the waterfall and enjoy being that intimate with nature.

Dorrigo National Park
Doriggo Park's elevated walkways will suspend you high above the rainforest floor.

While you’re visiting the falls, don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy a family picnic or check out some of Dorrigo’s elevated walkways that’ll suspend you high above the rainforest floors.

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