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If you’ve been anywhere near the internet over the past few years, you would’ve seen sunflowers popping up on your feed, left, right and centre. The must-have accessory du jour can be found in sunflower fields across the east coast of Australia, which means your next grammable moment could be (literally) just around the corner.

Sunflower Fields NSW

Sunflower Fields near me
Get ready to run through fields of gold at Farm & Co. Image via Lolapan Travels.

Throughout the sprawling state of NSW there are plenty of places to catch a glimpse of these beautiful sunny blooms. There isn’t a particular sunflower region per se, but rather, some impressive patches scattered across the state. Whether you’re travelling up near the Far North Coast or if you’re looking to get out of Sydney city for a day trip with the kids, these sunflower fields will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Farm & Co

Located just off the dusty roads of a small farm county called Cudgen just 15 minutes south of the Queensland border, you’ll find a sweet vegetarian cafe, farm animals and rows of sunflowers.

Farm & Co address: 529 Cudgen Rd, Cudgen NSW

Liverpool Plains

Four hours north of Sydney along the New England Highway you’ll find Willow Tree in Liverpool Plains. Check here to find the exact location of the latest crop of sunflowers. The Liverpool Plains Sunflower Crop should be ready for picking in mid-January 2022.

Liverpool Plains address: Willow Tree Visitor Centre, New England Highway, NSW

Glenbernie Family Farms

If Tik Tok and Instagram viral videos are your indicators of a cracking sunflower field then look no further than the scene of the crime in a small town an hour west of Sydney in Kurmond at the Glenbernie Family Farm.

Glenbernie Family Farms address: 610 Bells Line Of Road Kurmond, NSW

Sunflower Fields Victoria

Sunflowers in Daylesford
Sault Restaurant in Daylesford is your quintessential flower field in Victoria.

Every year flora fiends flock to Melbourne to attend the International Flower and Garden Show, so it’s no surprise the state takes pride in boasting some of the most stunning blossoming fields in the country. Amongst the tulips, roses, natives and lavender, you’ll find rows and rows of golden sunflowers.

Pick Your Own Sunflowers

As the name suggests, if you head along to Dunnstown just outside of Ballarat to spend the day at the farm where you can pluck some stems of your own to take home.

Pick Your Own Sunflowers address: Dunnstown Rd, Dunnstown, Vic

Sault Restaurant

Known for its iconic restaurant in Daylesford, the team at Sault have now added a sunflower field to their charming grounds!

Sault Restaurant address: 2349 Ballan-Daylesford Rd, Sailors Falls, Vic


2800 square metres of sunflowers next to the Woodlea Town shopping precinct in Melbourne’s Aintree suburb sounds pretty spectacular to us!

Woodlea address: 2 Lim Way, Aintree, Vic

Sunflower Fields Queensland

Sunflower Fields Qld
Queensland's Sunflower Route is the premier destination in the state.

If you’re in Queensland and you’ve been up at night wondering ‘is there a sunflower field near me?’ the answer is a resounding YES! In fact, the Sunshine State is home to a very impressive sunflower trail (aka the Sunflower Route) expanding across multiple country towns.

Old Allora Racecourse

Drive two hours outside of Brisbane and you’ll find acres of towering sunflower fields at the Old Allora Racecourse.

Old Allora Racecourse address: Old Allora Racecourse, Allora, Qld

Koala Farms

Along the Warrego Highway 40 minutes west of Ipswich, you’ll find Koala Farms, home to some of the freshest fruit and veg produce, and yep, you guessed it - sunflowers!

Koala Farms address: 7 Hawley Rd, Lake Clarendon, Qld

Willowvale Road

For the adventure seekers out there, head to Willowvale just North of Warwick and drive through the sunflower scenic route to catch a glimpse of these beauties. There isn’t an exact location but you’ll know them when you see them!

Address: Willowvale Road, Willowvale, Qld

Need More Sunflower Information?

What time of year do Sunflowers bloom in Australia?

Typical sunflower season runs from summer through autumn but like many crops, they can be temperamental due to changes in the weather.

When should I go to sunflower fields?

The best time of year to visit sunflower fields to catch them at their bloomin’ best is between January and March, however, depending on the farmer's crop cycle this could change. Your best bet is to keep an eye out online for updates - most of the acreages will be keen to let you know when the best time is to visit them and their sunny friends.

How long do sunflower fields last?

Such is life, all nice things must come to an end. Sunflower plants are usually in bloom for around 8-12 weeks so make sure you plan accordingly so as not to miss out on seeing these lovelies in the wild.

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