Will It Rain On Christmas Day In Sydney 2020?

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Christmas is right around the corner and the weather gurus have looked into their crystal weather ball and given us a prediction of whether you'll be dining al fresco or under Nana's pergola on 25 December 2020. 

Will It Rain On Christmas Day?

Oh dear. According to AccuWeather, on 25 December 2020 Sydney can expect a cloudy and humid Christmas Day with a high of 25°C, a couple of afternoon showers and a thunderstorm. The evening isn't shaping up much better. Eek.

It's not quite the tropical 28° we had last year with a long, glorious day of sunny skies. This year we are set to experience 95% cloud cover, so say goodbye to the fireball for the big day... and that's just the beginning.

A Hot, Wet Summer Is On the Rise

Looking ahead, the Bureau Of Meteorology predicts rainfall is likely to be above average across much of Australia from December to February. This can be attribuuted to La Niña - the cold ocean-atmosphere phenomenon which is currently underway in the tropical Pacific. It increases the likelihood of above average rainfall across eastern Australia during summer and is expected to remain until at least the start of autumn.

The general prediction is that December to February will be wetter but hotter than usual across the board with higher daytime and night-time temperatures. 

Will It Rain On Christmas Day In Sydney 2020
This year, summer will see above average rainfall and warmer days

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