Sunflower Alert! Where To See Sunflowers In NSW

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Here at ellaslist, we love ourselves a good Insta-hype, and nothing says 'Instagram' quite like a blooming field of rich yellow sunflowers!

If you'd love nothing more than to run with wild abandon in a field of gorgeous yellow sunflowers (and maybe even pick some to take home!) here’s where to get your fix of sunflowers.

Liverpool Plains

Nestled in the Liverpool Plains are crops of spectacularly stunning sunflowers that love to put on a show! This isn't the Liverpool we know in Sydney, but around a 4.5-hour drive up the north coast. Did somebody say road trip?

There are two sowing times per year which results in a vibrant display of these joyful blooms around Christmas time then again in February/March.

You can see the sunflowers from the road and sometimes there are no fences so you can get up close and take great shots without entering the crop. There are also some agritourism businesses starting up in the area, who will plant sunflowers for everyone to enjoy.

Please note, however, you can not enter the crop unless you have permission. These are private farms and sunflowers are the farmers' livelihood so you have to respect their property and not trespass or damage the harvest.

Drop into the Visitor Information Centre in Willow Tree to get directions and important information in relation to Sunflower Crop etiquette and biosecurity. The centre is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm with a COVID-19 Safe Plan in place.

2020/21 Update: The Liverpool Plains Shire Council distributed free sunflower seeds throughout Liverpool Plains during October 2020 asking locals to plant them in their garden for visitors to admire and they were hoping to have a pretty sunflower trail throughout the area by mid-January.

A small 'tourist' sunflower crop is currently growing and first flowers have just opened, but the big bulk of the blooms still needs a couple of weeks to mature - on target for the mid-January show! The one acre crop is not suitable for drone footage or landscape photography, but perfect for close-ups and selfies with sunflowers. There is no fence so you can get right up to the flowers, taking care not to to damage them. Please leave a donation to show your appreciation to the farmer. 

Liverpool Plains Sunflower Alert

Because of the nature of sunflower crops, it’s hard to predict when they’ll be at their best. The local farmers also rotate their crops, so you won’t find the sunflowers in the same spot every year. So Visit Liverpool Plains has set up a Sunflower Alert to keep you in the loop each season! Just subscribe to the Sunflower Alert email to find out when and where the sunflowers are at their best each season.

The Central Coast Sunflower Harvest

Yarramalong Turf Supplies

Closer to home and run by Yarramalong Turf Supplies, the Central Coast Sunflower Harvest event happens around April to June each year and is the best way to get your hands on the most stunning sunflowers around. The best part? You can pick as many sunflowers as your arms can carry (for $1 per sunflower). They also run smaller sunflower events and private sessions during the season.

Want even more sunflowers? Check out our ellaslist Sunflower Guide.

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