Sunflower Alert! Where To See Sunflowers In NSW

Here at ellaslist, we love ourselves a good Insta-hype. Whether it’s a new fairy-floss food joint, a unicorn cafe or blossoming jacaranda trees, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest Instagrammable thing to do. 

And, what says “Instagram” quite like a blooming field of rich yellow sunflowers? Here’s where to head for your fix—and it’s just 4 hours drive from Sydney.

Liverpool Plains

Image: Visit Liverpool Plains

Nestled in the Liverpool Plains are crops of spectacularly stunning sunflowers—and they’re set to flower anytime between December and March, depending on when they're planted and on weather conditions. 

But, warning! Once they’re in bloom—they’re in bloom for only about three weeks before they start to wilt, lose their petals and look all-around quite sad and droopy. 

Sunflower Alert

Image: Grain Central

Because of the nature of sunflower crops, it’s hard to predict when they’ll be at their best. The local farmers also rotate their crops, so you won’t find the sunflowers in the same spot every year. 

As a remedy to this—‘cause it turns out that Quirindi’s tourism board has well and truly got our Instagram backs—Visit Quirindi have set up a ‘Sunflower Alert’, to inform everyone when and where the sunflowers are at their best each season. All you have to do is send an email to [email protected] with “sunflowers” in the subject line and you’ll receive emails with updates on the sunflowers.

Also, remember that the sunflowers are the farmers’ livelihood, so make sure you take care not to damage the crop in any way. Just find a path and get frolicking (and ‘gramming).

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