Six of the Best Places to Keep Cool in Sydney

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By: Serina Hajje, ellaslist

The weather may be temperamental but summer can hit us hard and for families that don’t have an air-conditioner, finding a cool place to play is a necessity. Sydney is full of places that can keep your little one nice and cool (and happy). We’ve compiled a list of the best places to keep cool in Sydney, from free and cheap places to ones that are educational, and they’re all really easy to travel to!

1. Water Parks

Water Parks are the ultimate playgrounds, combining safe water play and outdoor activities.

Wet’n’Wild Sydney is the number one water park in Sydney. It’s a short 40 minute drive from Sydney CBD and it’s action packed with over 40 slides and attractions. Wet’n’Wild is not only for older kids and grown-ups. Nickelodeon Beach is designed especially for little ones and features 10 kid-friendly water slides including miniature versions of the larger thrill slides! There are also fun splash zones and you can also meet your favourite Nickelodeon characters including SpongeBob, Dora, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Bubble Guppies. TOP TIP: Be sure to check their website for specific opening hours and days!

You could also check out our top FREE water parks in Sydney, all of which are kid-friendly and have awesome facilities.

2. Indoor Swimming Pools

If you want to spend a few hours outside the house but you’re concerned about being sun burned (especially if your kid has sensitive skin), then an indoor swimming pool is perfect. Sydney is famous for its beaches but it also prides itself on having plenty of swimming pools for all ages. We’ve compiled a list of the best swimming pools in every council area, and they all have incredible features, not just boring square pools!

3. Best Swimming Spots

The world knows Australia for its incredible beaches, but the famous Bondi waters may not be exactly kid friendly. Don’t worry though, there are heaps of safe, family-friendly beaches that aren’t crowded and lots of fun. Grab a beach towel and sunscreen and head to these amazing swimming spots for families.

Best Places To Keep Cool_Kids_Sydney

4. Destination Stores

What may surprise parents about shopping centres is how accommodating they are to kids. From free kids art activities, to meet-ups and play centres, shopping centres really do want families to visit (and shop more). Check out the best destination stores for kids!

5. Indoor Playgrounds

Hot days can take all our energy. If you just want to head to a nearby place that will let you lift up your feet over a cool drink while the kids play in a safe, easily supervised area, then you might as well visit your local shopping mall. Not sure which malls have great kid’s play areas? We can help. Here’s where to find the best playgrounds in shopping malls.

6. Muesums

Since the hot season will hit in the summer holidays, museums are prepping for a host of interesting and educational activities for kids of all ages. Here’s some of our favourites:

Museum Of Contemporary Art
The MCA always brings in new and interesting artwork from around the world. A lot of their exhibitions are interactive and they have several programs for parents and kids of different ages.

The lovely Art Baby program is an exclusive guided tour just for mums with babes, followed by coffee in the museum’s café. The Art Safari program introduces toddlers and preschoolers into the world of art through games and art play.

For more information on its kids events and travel, go here.


The Australian Museum
Kidspace is a mini museum for under 5s, that encourages young kids to explore the natural world through hundreds of hands on activities.

You could dedicate a page to the awesome kids activities and exhibitions that the Australian Museum has, but to get a good overview and some handy tips check out what an ellaslist explorer found when she took her two girls.


Museum of Sydney
We recommend this for kids 10 years and over. It’s an iconic and nationally significant place, and it’s filled with interesting stories.


The Powerhouse Museum
With over 250 permanent exhibitions and a rotating cast of temporary ones, the Powerhouse Museum has plenty to keep the entire family engaged and at great prices (it’s free for under 16s).

Be sure to check out Play at Powerhouse, which has new monthly activities for kids, both indoors and outdoors.