Self-Care Ideas For Busy Mums

  • Parents Only

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

With all the work, household managing, children’s birthday parties, coffee catch-ups with neglected friends, family dinners, bills to pay, pets to feed and laundry to be washed, it is no wonder that for so many mums, self-care and alone time goes out the window.

Here are some simple ways, courtesy of The Mighty, to care of yourself that aren’t too time-consuming, so mums: no excuses, have some ‘me’ time!

1. Cry: Let it all out. Have a long, loud, uninterrupted, private cry. You’ll feel so much better afterwards, and don’t be fooled- it’s not self-indulgent, it’s human!

2. Call A Dear Friend: A close friend or family member that you trust will do the trick. Call them up, and have a good old vent.

3. Chuck A Sickie: Take a mental health day. Spend the day in your bathrobe, watch Netflix, go for a walk, or do absolutely nothing!

relaxation for mums

4. Say ‘No’: You can’t do it all- don’t feel guilty for saying ‘no’ to people and demands, especially those which encroach on your ‘me’ time.

5. See Your Therapist: Maybe a friend’s ear just isn’t good enough. Go talk to your therapist or mental health professional if you are feeling extremely overwhelmed- it won’t do any harm! They could give you some awesome coping strategies to implement into your daily routine, and sometimes just getting a 3rd party, unbiased perspective can change how you view your situation.

6. Relax On Those Expectations: Going through a tough or turbulent time? Lower the expectations you put on yourself! And on others, too.

7. Rest: Get to bed early with a nice book, a warm cup of tea, and ideally, some crisp, fresh sheets.

8. Watch Your Go-To Movie: A light-hearted rom-com will get your mind off the tricky stuff and let you enjoy some laughs. Our number 1 go-to is ‘How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days’- hilarious and romantic.

woman sleeping

9. Have a Read: But not anything too serious, go through some old, beloved picture books you loved when you were a child.

10. Ask The Facebook World: One you might not have thought of but perfect for social-media-loving mums: make a Facebook status letting your friends know you’re down. You are bound to get some messages of support and love sent your way, which is a nice reminder in a tough or stressful time of your life.

11. Art: Transport yourself to another world by looking at some gorgeous art- visit a gallery or even a beautiful art shop; anywhere where you can stimulate your mind in a non-stressful way.

12. Watch Some Videos: Get lost on Youtube for a while- watch some cute kids on The Ellen Show, inspiring TEDx Talks, Jimmy Kimmel skits, old SNL clips, cat videos, anything!

13. Read This List: Check out Buzzfeed’s faith-in-humanity-restoring list. It ain’t so bad!

14. Just Ask: With babysitting, your workload, house chores- just ask! Whether it’s your partner, friends, family, boss or therapist, you’ll be surprised by how many people are willing to help you out when you need.

15. Your Robe Fixes Everything: Recline on the couch in your robe, with a warm drink- it’s basically a cure-all.

16. Breathe: So important, but so often so forgotten! Do it slowly- four counts in, six counts out. Try a yoga class or a guided meditation video on Youtube to help you.

meditation and breathing

17. Stay Hydrated: Drink water, then drink more of it!

18. Eat: Is the food you’re eating nourishing and enjoyable? Go to a nice wholefoods cafe or buy ingredients to make a lovely, healthy dinner.

19. Sleep: Although this is often the one thing mums lack most of, try to get 7-9 hours each night. Go to bed as early as possible!

20. Shower: Use nice bath products, wash your hair, blow dry it, and put on clothes that make you feel nice. The outside doesn’t have to be a reflection of the inside!

You can read more simple self-care tips at The Mighty.