The Best Non-alcoholic Drinks

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Whatever your tipple—whether you're into wine, beer or cocktails—we're willing to bet there are times when you simply want the same drink but without the alcohol. Driving? Breastfeeding? Pregnant? Simply don't want to drink the hard stuff? We've got you covered with the best non-alcoholic drinks on the market. 

The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks on the Market

Non-Alcoholic Wines

1. Edenvale

The first Australian brand to craft non-alcoholic wines, Edenvale have since become a highly regarded brand around the globe. There are reds, whites, bubbles and rosés, covering every possible base. Our pick would be the pinot gris, cheers!

2. 1920 Wines

Alcohol-free doesn't get much better than these delicious drops from 1920 wines! 

1920 Wines are made using traditional winemaking techniques with cutting edge alcohol removal methods—making it the perfect choice for those wanting to enjoy an alcohol-free drop without compromising on taste. 

3. Altina 

Bottoms up with Altina—a fun brand offering a selection of wines and cans of cocktails. We love the Altina Light Me Up—the perfect fizzy drink that's a great alternative to alcohol.

4. Lyre's

Lyre's have become globally recognised for making alcohol free drinks that successfully mimic the taste and aroma of alcoholic ones. Our go-to pick for non-alcoholic bubbles—Lyre’s Sparkling Classico, features delicate bubbles and a complex flavour profile. 

5. Giesen 

Giesen Alcohol Free
This coveted New Zealand winery is now offering delicious drops with zero alcohol—what a win!

Recently named New Zealand Winery of the year, Giesen is based in the iconic Marlborough wine region. Their non-alcoholic wines offer the same distinctive characteristics as their traditional wine. The Giesen 0% range includes Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand Rose, Pinot Gris and Merlot. 

Non-Alcoholic Beers

6. Wilde Guru

Wilde Guru
Move over, seltzers! Wilde Guru's delicious sparkling hop waters promise to pack a seriously tasty punch whilst encouraging mindful drinking.

A better-for-you beverage business, Wilde Guru, offers rehydrating, all-natural sparkling water infused with real beer hops—offering a ‘beer meets seltzer’ style drink. It's the perfect water substitute, containing zero alcohol, sugar, calories or carbs. Wilde Guru is designed to make mindful drinking less socially abrasive, alleviating hang-xiety along the way. Cheers to that! 

7. Heaps Normal

Bringing you beer without the hangover, Heaps Normal is an independent, non-alcoholic brand that is all about mindful drinking. They currently offer lager and XPA, both of which are truly quenching! 

8. James Squire

If you're after full flavour without the alcohol—look no further. James Squire's alcohol-free beer offers a balance of malt and hops notes for a clean, crisp finish. 

9. Heineken 0.0

A classic among those who like an alcohol free drop, Heineken 0.0 is an easy-to-drink beer with a fruity flavour and slightly malty notes.

10. Corona Cero

Corona, the ultimate iconic Mexican beer is now available in a non-alcoholic format, making it a must-try for those who don't feel like alcohol.

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

11. Naked Life

Specialising in sparkling, non-alcoholic cocktails crafted with distilled botanicals, Naked Life's offerings are unique in flavour and unmistakable in taste. Their range is diverse—meaning there's something for everyone no matter your cocktail preferences; we're talking G&T's, Italian Spritz's, Negronis, Margaritas, Sours and more. 

12. Lyre's 

Lyre's drinks
Bottoms up! With so many options, Lyre's have the perfect drink for everyone. 

Lyre’s range of lovingly crafted non-alcoholic spirits was created to give everyone the freedom to drink their drink, their way. Whatever your tipple—Lyre's have got you covered. All spirits are crafted to taste just like the classics they pay homage to, showcasing natural essences, extracts and distillates from across the world. 

13. Yes You Can

Offering award-winning favourites without a hangover in sight, Yes You Can has plenty to choose from. We love the Dark and Stormy!

14. Ms Sans

Craft the perfect Mojito with this mix from Ms Sans. This alcohol-free white rum mix is ready to pour and tastes just like a classic Mojito. We're talking the perfect balance of fresh garden mint, Tahitian lime and alcohol-free sugar cane. Perfection!

15. Monday Distillery

Monday Distillery
Monday Distillery is an excellent pick for non-alcoholic cocktails! 

Gorgeous packaging, tasty flavours and a diverse offering await at Monday Distillery; with plenty of sophisticated, non-alcoholic, sugar-free options, you can have a good time, love what you drink and love yourself the next day.

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