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The Montessori Method of education is a child-led approach that focuses on cultivating the child’s natural instincts and eagerness to learn. The coveted education method is considered an alternative and far more holistic approach to schooling based on scientific observation, rather than the standardised, collective version. It fosters children's physical, social, emotional and cognitive wellbeing and allows students to initiate their own learning in a supportive environment, rather than follow a fixed national curriculum.

In short, the Montessori approach actively supports the development of the whole human being. 

Northside Montessori

The Philosophy

Montessori Schools
A unique educational approach, the Montessori method promotes a love of learning and independence in young children.

Way ahead of her time, The Montessori Method is a global philosophy that has been in practice for over a century. It was developed by pioneering Italian physician Maria Montessori in the early 1900s, based on her research and a profound understanding of child development.

Bolstered by her tireless advocacy of social reform and commitment to campaigning for the human rights of children, the unique approach to education inspires children to follow their own internal compass, embrace a love of learning and hold a framework they can follow beyond their schooling years to make a change in the world. 

The Montessori Method

Montessori Schools
The Montessori method encourages kids to learn and grow at their own pace.

Following their natural developmental trajectory and innate curiosity and passion for learning, children flourish into confident learners, who trust in their abilities. All they need is a dedicated, purposeful environment for this to take place. With expert guidance, Montessori classrooms include mixed age groups and provide opportunities to engage in spontaneous, practical activities so children can learn and grow at their own pace.

Children are encouraged to take as long as they need with flexible, uninterrupted periods of work. They are self-led, active participants in their learning journey through exploration and collaboration, acquiring fundamental self-discipline and social development along the way. They learn to independently correct their mistakes and respect their own and others' individual personality.

In Action At Northside Montessori

Northside Montessori
Northside Montessori offers a unique educational setting that inspires a lifelong love of learning.

The globally-adopted Montessori philosophy, which follows the natural developmental path of the child, has been put into practice in schools across Australia.

Northside Montessori is a co-educational, non-denominational school in Sydney offering outstanding education in a vibrant community from preschool to year 6. Children are nurtured holistically to help them follow their own curiousness and foster their own interests. Individualised and independent learning is supported by mixed-age classes, where collaborative work, hands-on activities and endless inspiration are a part of their everyday experience. Through this philosophy of freedom and responsibility, they develop an innate passion for learning and mature into happy, social, creative and confident young people.

Montessori Schools

In Australia, Montessori education is available for children of all ages with more than 22,000 children enrolled in schools and centres nationwide. They deliver a shared objective to facilitate the development of academic, social, practical and life skills in children, helping them to mature into truly capable and productive individuals so they can go on to make a positive and lasting impact on society.

Some Montessori Schools across Sydney:


Preschool: Stepping Stones Turramurra
Primary School: Northside Montessori School Pymble


Preschool: Pearl Montessori Early Learning Centre North Bondi
Primary School: Montessori East Bondi


Preschool: Sydney Montessori School Gymea
Primary school: Southside Montessori School Riverwood

Inner West

Preschool: The Athena School Newtown
Primary school: Inner Sydney Montessori School Balmain

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Oct 23 2020

Montessori is an incredible opportunity to provide your child with an education that focusses on the whole being in all areas of life. I am a better parent as a result of learning more about the Montessori philosophy which empowers both child and parent. The intelligence behind the materials and the methodology is highly underrated mostly misunderstood because of the inappropriate expectations of children abilities and achievements and the cookie-cutter normative-approach of mainstream education. A century later, Montessori is still ahead of its time. My child has attended Sydney Montessori in Gymea from early learning, to pre-school and now primary school and hopefully high school. Notwithstanding some learning challenges, my child receives tailored and specific assistance to ensure he is provided adaptive strategies to participate and learn as an equal. He is extremely happy to go to school each day and relishes a daily connection to lush green outdoor spaces, a respectful and peaceful learning environment. Sydney Montessori in Gymea is led by an incredible principal and driven by a team of dedicated and passionate educators. I can't recommend them enough!