Developing Your Childāœs Numeracy & Literacy At Home

These are unprecedented times. We are in the midst of one of the strangest and most unexpected periods in history. The Coronavirus crisis has created a whirlwind of side effects we could never have anticipated and within weeks our ordinary, everyday lives have been turned upside down!

While some schools remain open, the recommendation across the board is that children should stay at home. Of course, safety is paramount, but hey, what about that little thing called education? We parents are handed yet another cap to add to our multi-tasker closet and thrust into a new role - to facilitate our child's home learning. How do we even begin to tackle this accidental endeavour? Gulp…

Hand Up If You Need Help!

Numeracy and literacy are the cornerstones of our children's education and nurturing these fundamental building blocks is key. Commandeering the curriculum, supporting their schoolwork, maintaining a schedule and engaging them in activities, all help to foster a sense of normality for our kids in these abnormal times.

Parents have been handed the baton of facilitating our children's educational experience, outside of the school framework, where we face the challenge of our antipodal home environment and its endless distractions. What really helps then is to have a learning practice that actually feels like play! Digital platforms that turn screen time into immersive learning opportunities and keep little brains active are paving the way and bridging the gap.

8 Million Students and Counting

Adopted by countless families across the globe for their online numeracy and literacy programs, IXL is the world's most popular subscription-based learning site - and kids actually love it! IXL uses high-quality educational activities and innovative technology to keep students engaged, with vibrant visuals and interactive questions that set them up for an exciting learning adventure. There are even fun awards and certificates that celebrate hard work.

IXL Olnine Education

Complement the Curriculum

IXL has a program for every school year level, so it can meet your child exactly where they are in their educational journey. With its comprehensive curriculum, individualised guidance and real-time analytics, the personalised learning platform also adapts to the needs of each unique learner. As your child works on IXL, the program will adapt to your child's level of knowledge and automatically adjust questions to just the right level of difficulty as they explore new concepts and overcome challenges. 

Practice makes Perfect

Supplementing your school curriculum, IXL offers unlimited practice in over 4500 Maths and English topics in a dynamic and fun learning environment. The broad range of question types keep each session new and fresh, and students can progress at their own pace, building confidence along the way. Every IXL skill adapts to your child, guiding them from simpler tasks to more complex problems, with recommendations based on your child's practice. For the keen beans who want extra learning opportunities, there is also a personalized Recommendations Wall where kids can choose a skill that they enjoy and keep going beyond their assignments.

IXL has a range of sanity-saving online resources to take the stress out of keeping your kids on track, including strategies to support students when they’re not in the classroom. 

Find everything you need to get started at ixl.

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