Top Online Programs To Help Your Kids Read

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Reading is one of the most important life skills anyone will learn and these days 21st-century children have the advantage of technology to help them. Innovative apps and clever devices make learning so much more engaging and fun, and a new generation of literacy programs offers animated, interactive games that could easily be mistaken as an enjoyable pastime rather than a pesky supplement to school learning. 

From mastering their first words to being immersed in Harry Potter, turn kids into bookworms with these top programs to help your kids read.

Top Online Programs To Help Your Kids Read

1. ABC Reading Eggs

ABC Reading Eggs
ABC Reading Eggs has helped over 20 million children worldwide learn how to read.

This award-winning interactive online reading program, based on solid scientific research, uses expertly designed activities to get kids reading fast.

Created by experienced educators ABC Reading Eggs, children complete animated lessons where they learn essential reading and phonics skills, with repetition used through each activity to reinforce their learning. They are easy to learn and give children the freedom to progress at their own pace.

Starting with a placement quiz to ensure they start at the right reading level, children aged 2 to 13 years are supported in their reading journey at home, simultaneously helping them prepare for the structured learning of school life. The program is divided into three distinct platforms: Reading Eggs Junior to develop ready‑to‑read skills in toddlers, Reading Eggs for more structured, one‑on‑one reading lessons, and Reading Eggspress for older children to continue literacy success.

ABC Reading Eggs makes learning to read fun - and kids love it! The games, songs,  colourful animation and delightful characters keep kids engaged while they learn, and the golden eggs motivate them along the way. Kids also have access to over 2000 online books that include a comprehension quiz that assesses your child’s understanding. Parents can download detailed progress reports as well as hundreds of full-colour activity sheets that align with program lessons. Using the five essential keys to reading success - phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension and fluency - ABC Reading Eggs program unlocks all aspects of learning to read for your child. Start your FREE trial now!

2. Reading Doctor

Reading Doctor Literacy App
Reading Doctor  is designed to improve phonemic awareness and phonics skills

Developed by an expert speech-language pathologist, this unique, engaging and innovative platform is a breakthrough in teaching children to read and spell. Based on extensive research, Reading Doctor identifies and strengthens the skills that are crucial in literacy development, including phonemic awareness, letter-sound knowledge, blending, segmentation, decoding and sight word recognition.

These creative and effective teaching tools are designed to help kids learn to read and uses a graded, multisensory mnemonic system to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide support right where it's needed.

Reading Doctor offers a range of apps designed to teach students using synthetic phonics - the most effective way of teaching kids to read according to scientific research - and make it easier for anyone to teach students to read and spell. 

3. Literacy Planet

Literacy Planet Reading App
Literacy Planet is full of captivating content and fun activities!

Literacy Planet is a comprehensive digital learning platform for children, designed to help teachers improve their students' English literacy skills with engaging, curriculum-aligned exercises tailored to students’ needs. It is also available for at-home use so parents can support reading development with a proven solution. 

Literacy Planet offers an exciting literacy program for primary and secondary students, with colourful digital texts, hundreds of extracts to improve reading fluency, comprehension questions and audio support, and over 15,000+ games to keep them challenged.

LiteracyPlanet’s reading exercises are designed to improve reading skills through games that keep children involved while they learn. The program has been found to be particularly helpful for students needing to catch up on their reading levels. The gamified learning environment also encourages social-emotional skills such as perseverance, resilience, self-management and responsible decision-making.

4. Sunshine Online

Sunshine Online Literacy App
Sunshine Online features over 915 levelled e-books and 2000 interactive activities and games.

Developed by one of Australia’s leading and most trusted educational publishers, Sunshine Books, this effective digital literacy program tracks progress from beginners through to independent readers with some of the best animated and interactive learning for children. Sunshine Book literacy resources have helped children around the world learn to read, and now these same resources are available for parents to use at home!

With 650 levelled and mostly-animated e-books and 1000 fun, interactive activities and games focusing on phonics, comprehension, fluency, spelling and writing, Sunshine Online has been designed to help children aged 4 to 10+ learn to read and develop the skills needed for continuing reading success. 

The program is divided into three Learning Spaces so that your child can work at an appropriate level at their own pace, building confidence as they go - Learning Space 1 for emergent readers, Learning Space 2 for early readers and Learning Space 3 for fluent readers. Sunshine Online adds exciting new content regularly, creating a HUGE online library where students are so engaged they don’t even know they are learning!

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