Best Places in Sydney to Take the Kids When You❜re Hungover

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You probably don't get out as much as you did BC (before children) but when you do get a rare mum's night out it's likely that the next day has you feeling like you're knocking on death's door begging for Gatorade and bacon! 

You've probably also noticed that your kid's care factor on your self-inflicted hangover is sitting at a big fat zero. It's a new day and as far as they're concerned, Mummy is pumped for a day of fun.

So if you, like me, desperately need to get out of the house because your children don't see the joy in watching non-stop ABCKids while Mummy curls up in the foetal position, try these Sydney activities that are guaranteed to soften the blow while the hangover slowly subsides.

The Best Places in Sydney to Take the Kids When You're Hungover

1. Visit an Indoor Playground

Chouchou Bebe
The kids will love Chouchou Bebe Adventure!

While we know the loud screeches and laughter might not work wonders for a hangover, at least you'll be able to put your feet up while the kids enjoy hours of endless fun! Sydney is loaded with indoor playgrounds just waiting to take the kids off your hands for an hour or two. From Major Fun to Monkey Mania, Entertainment Park and Archie Brothers, our list of the best spots is bound to have something close to your neck of the woods so you don't have to drive too far. 

2. The Aquarium

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
The cooling atmosphere at the aquarium will do wonders for your sore head.

There's something about the aquarium that mixes well with hangovers... the darkness, the quietness, the peacefulness of watching marine life slowly slinking through the tanks. At Sea Life Sydney Aquarium there's even a kid's area complete with pencils and colouring sheets so you can slump in a dark corner for a few minutes of recharge time. I love that there is no harsh lighting to point out your bad life choices from last night. There's even a new penguin exhibition where you can climb aboard a raft and relax on the water while the kids can get up close and personal to a spectacular colony of King and Gentoo Penguins. You'll go from zero mum to hero mum in no time. 

3. Kid-Friendly Cafes

Visit one of Sydney's many kid-friendly cafes.

You need to get some food and coffee into you - stat. But where to find a cafe where your dishevelled hair and bloodshot eyes won't be amiss? A cafe full of mums who have been up all night (albeit with their unsettled babies) is what you need! Don't despair, we have the definitive list of cafes in Sydney where your kids can play and you can pass your hangover off as common mum fatigue.

Or if you need something greasy to fill that sore stomach, take the kids for a feed and a play at one of Sydney's kid-friendly pubs

4. The MCA

There's non-stop kids fun at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Put your self-pity aside and do something cultural. While this might be the last thing on your mind right now, the Museum of Contemporary Art is actually a fantastic way to idly spend some time with the kids. It's quiet, it's cool (both in temperature and in social media boasting) and you can wear your sunglasses the whole time and pretend you are a sophisticated European tourist. Try the multi-sensory Bella Room where little ones can explore while you get some sensory time of your own by lying on the floor on one of the soft cushions provided. Bliss. 

5. Visit the Beach

Balmoral Beach
Relax your hangover away at Balmoral Beach.

If you're hungover during summer then count yourself lucky because you can run the kids over to the beach for a play while you bury your sore head in the sand! Sydney is loaded with kid-friendly beaches where they can go for a refreshing splash while you rest or join them in the surf.

Do you have a hot tip for surviving a hangover with kids? Please tell us on Facebook so we can add it! Keep hydrated now...

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