Best Places In Sydney To Take The Kids When You're Hungover

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You probably don't get out as much as you did BC (before children) but when you do get a rare mum's night out it's likely that the next day has you feeling like you're knocking on death's door begging for Gatorade and bacon. You've probably also noticed that your kid's care factor on your self-inflicted hangover is sitting at a big fat zero. It's a new day and as far as they're concerned, Mummy is pumped for a day of fun. So if like me you need to get out of the house because your children don't see the joy in watching non-stop ABCKids while Mummy curls up in the foetal position, try these Sydney activities which are guaranteed to soften the blow while the hangover slowly subsides. BYO bacon...


Did you know IKEA in Tempe, Marsden Park and Rhodes offers parents a complimentary one-hour child-minding service? "Smaland Magical Forest" is for 3-9-year-olds (children must be fully toilet trained) where they can play, climb and draw while being looked after by experienced carers whilst you shop. And while they may be encouraging you to shop for flat-pack furniture, I interpret that as sit in the cafeteria and eat meatballs. Yes, it truly is a magical place.


This state of the art play centre offers guests a sense of calm and relaxation while encouraging quiet play in serene surroundings. Hello! Did they have the hungover mum in mind when they designed this? As the Nubo website suggests, let the kids "enjoy some quiet time away from their everyday duties whilst observing meaningful play from a safe distance.", which is code for let them run wild while you incubate your hangover in an air-conditioned environment with a strong coffee from the on-site cafe and hope that they use their "inside voices" for an hour or two. 

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Rhodes Waterside

If only there was a magical nanny you could call upon to help ease the pain of this unshakable hangover that didn't cost a thing. Well, there is if you choose to shop at Rhodes Waterside! You can drop your children (even nappy-wearing ones) with the Rhodes Waterside Shopping Nanny for 1-2 hours of peace while you shop, get your hair done or simply enjoy a coffee alone while you piece together the night and reassess your life choices while vowing to never drink again. It's good for the soul! And hey, you might even get a chance to buy a new outfit for that next mum's night out! #neveragain

The Aquarium

There's something about the aquarium that mixes well with hangovers... the darkness, the quietness, the peacefulness of watching marine life slowly slinking through the tanks. At Sea Life Sydney Aquarium there's even a kid's area complete with pencils and colouring sheets so you can slump in a dark corner for a few minutes of recharge time. I love that there is no harsh lighting to point out your bad life choices from last night. There's even a new penguin exhibition where you can climb aboard a raft and relax on the water while the kids can get up close and personal to a spectacular colony of King and Gentoo Penguins. You'll go from zero mum to hero mum in no time. 

Kid-Friendly Cafes

You need to get some food and coffee into you - stat. But where to find a cafe where your dishevelled hair and bloodshot eyes won't be amiss? A cafe full of mums who have been up all night (albeit with their unsettled babies) is what you need! Don't despair, we have the definitive list of cafes in Sydney where your kids can play and you can pass your hangover off as common mum fatigue. Some even serve Bloody Mary's if you fancy a hair of the dog...


Put your self-pity aside and do something cultural. While this might be the last thing on your mind right now, the Museum of Contemporary Art is actually a fantastic way to idly spend some time with the kids. It's quiet, it's cool (both in temperature and in social media boasting) and you can wear your sunglasses the whole time and pretend you are a sophisticated European tourist. Try the multi-sensory Bella Room where little ones can explore while you get some sensory time of your own by lying on the floor on one of the soft cushions provided. Bliss. 

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