Best Animal Activities And Petting Zoos In Sydney

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My boys love animals. Big, small, furry, scaly, slimy, sweet and scary. We love them all. We are regulars at the fabulous Taronga Zoo but our munchkins are such animal fiends that we have branched out and discovered some other animal-based activities across Sydney. See our six of the best below!

Go On A Spotlight Prowl Tour At Centennial Park

Centennial Park is beautiful at dusk but it is also filled with an array of creatures. Join the tour, bring a torch and discover all of the parks nocturnal creatures from bush tail possums, microbats and tawny frogmouths. The flying foxes were a clear favourite with our munchkins.

Shark Party's Mobile Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo parties have been around forever but have you heard about marine petting zoo parties? Get up super close with baby sharks, baby turtles, baby ducks, eels, snakes and more at your child's next birthday party. Who wants clowns when you can have clownfish! These professionals will come to your venue, set everything up, provide entertainment and teach your kids a thing or two about marine life. And the best part, your kids will get to feed and pat the marine life... how close you want to get to the baby sharks [doo doo doo doo doo] is up to you! Find out more here.

Australian Reptile Park

This large facility was a surprisingly delightful day for me and my kids. There is a HUGE crocodile enclosure, roving kangaroos, a lost world of reptiles for all your reptile fans that also love Indiana-Jones-style exploring, a spider world, wombats, giant turtles, koalas and more. It is a great large space which is perfect for kids to run around in and discover. The picnic tables in the sun are very inviting and the playground is almost as huge as the crocodile enclosure and a LOT of fun. Worth the drive from the centre of Sydney and a great day out.

Get Cute & Cuddly At Golden Ridge Farm 

Get up close and personal with the cutest farm animals, meet baby chickens, ducklings and rabbits. Enter their "Open Paddock" where you can go in with the baby lambs and goats for some up-close interaction and even bottle-feed your little furry friends. 

Visit Sydney Zoo

The newest animal-filled cab off the rank in Sydney is the ginormous Sydney Zoo. The brand new digs, which opened in December 2019, are seriously impressive and a wonder for little eyes and animal lovers. The kids will feel like they're embarking on a real African safari as they visit roaring lions, elephants and rhino, or they can get up close with some Asian animals like tigers - whichever animals tickle their fancy they're sure to find them amongst the 100 exotic and native species and 5 themed precincts.  

See Sea Life At Sydney Aquarium

For a big adventure the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium in Darling Harbour is excellent and right now you can get up close with the Great Barrier Reef in the aquarium's new exhibit. You'll see beautiful dugongs, huge sharks, massive sawfish, mysterious stingrays, jellyfish, penguins, seahorses, thousands of tropical fish and much, much more.

Wildlife Sydney Zoo

If you adventure into the Darling Harbour aquarium it’s worth combining it with a trip to Wildlife Sydney Zoo. There are a lot of Australian animals and it is a well-designed space that is easy to navigate and run through. The butterfly enclosure is a special place!

Visit The Petting Zoo at Calmsley Hill City Farm

If you love cute, furry, fluffy animals and want to pat them, make your way out to this farm! They always have new arrivals including rabbits, chicks, lambs, geese, calves, piglets and you can get up close and personal at this friendly farmyard. There are also lots of big animals you can visit too including horses, camels, cows (you can milk them!) and kangaroos. 

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