Central Coast Zoo is Opening in Summer 2021

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As restaurants, hairdressers, indoor playgrounds and Sydney, in general, starts to open up again after lockdown, perhaps one of the biggest openings we're looking forward to at ellaslist is that a brand-new zoo is opening and it's only just over an hour outside of Sydney!

Central Coast Zoo in Wyong Creek is set to open after lockdown and is home to some big-wig animals from the animal kingdom, including a pride of full-grown lions!

What's New at the New Central Coast Zoo

Meerkats at Central Coast Zoo
A mob of adorable meerkats in their new home. Image: supplied.

Central Coast Zoo was ready to open in spring, but lockdown had other plans, and the opening date has been changed to summer 2021. While staff at the new zoo have been pretty tight-lipped about their new opening date, they have been sharing plenty of exciting snippets on their Facebook page, including the arrival of all of their exotic animals. 

Animal lovers can start getting excited as the new zoo will be teeming with them, from small critters to big and boisterous beasts. African lions, lionesses, meerkats, snakes, foxes, African servals, ostriches, iguanas, tortoises, alligators and plenty more are currently settling into their new home at Central Coast Zoo.

Stardust Lions' New Home 

Stardust Circus Lions
One of the Stardust Circus lions with their trainer. Image: supplied.

One of the most highly-anticipated animal arrivals at the new zoo is a pride of six full-grown lions fresh from their previous home touring with Australia's Stardust Circus. The three brothers and three sisters were star attractions of Stardust Circus, but, unfortunately, due to Covid-19, they couldn't continue touring with the circus. 

According to zoo owner Jenny James, "There was no zoo in Australia that had the facilities to rehome all six animals as their existing pride. Some zoos offered to rehome one, two or four animals but could not take on a new pride of six, so Central Coast Zoo began to build an amazing home for these majestic creatures."

The pride is settling into their new home. Image: supplied.

The zoo's team leader of exotic animals, Caroline Shemwell, says "Everything went well and it's a real privilege to have them here".

Where is Central Coast Zoo?

The new zoo is located in Wyong, just over an hour north of Sydney and is neighbours with the Central Coast's Amusement Farm and Fun Park.  

When is the new Zoo Opening?

The official opening date for Central Coast Zoo has not been released, but rumour has it they're gearing up for a summer 2021 opening. Stay tuned!

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