The World❜s First Futuristic Animal Park is in Australia

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Get ready to be amazed at Brisbane's Cannon Hill Shopping Centre, where animal lovers (and yep, that includes you, dinosaur diehards!), have a seriously special treat waiting for them.

Introducing Hologram Zoo, the world's most futuristic indoor animal theme park, offering an incredible experience that'll bring you up close to animals, both prehistoric and living, without know, actually being there. Whatever next?! 

Welcome to Hologram Zoo: The World's First Futuristic Animal Park

Hologram Zoo
Hologram Zoo is an immersive experience like no other. 

Hologram Zoo uses state-of-the-art laser-fueled hologram technology and creates life-sized animals and virtual environments that are incredibly immersive. If you've always dreamt of getting up close and personal with your favourite animals, now's your chance! 

From thrilling dinosaur adventures to captivating coral sea and arctic explorations, Hologram Zoo allows you to time travel and explore the globe all in one place (and without the price tag). 

Hologram Zoo
Embark on a safari to remember at Hologram Zoo. 

Visitors can prepare for an exciting hologram African safari, where you'll encounter elephants, hippos, zebras, and giraffes, before venturing into the Australian bushland to meet koalas, kangaroos, saltwater crocodiles, and sugar gliders. And while you're there, you'd be a fool to miss the Arctic section—featuring a 20-metre-long humpback whale, along with orcas, penguins, and polar bears.

A Fun-Filled Family Day Out

To add to the fun, Hologram Zoo offers multi-player arcade games to keep the whole family entertained, making it the perfect day out for everyone.

Located in the Cannon Hill Shopping Centre, sessions at the Hologram Zoo run for 90 minutes, ensuring you'll have plenty of time to immerse yourself in this virtual wonderland. Pricing depends on the time of day you visit—with the most expensive session in the morning ($39 per ticket), then afternoons ($32 per ticket) and evenings ($27 per ticket), in order to space out the foot traffic. Safe to say, we're itching to go!

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