You Can Now Take A Pill To Stop Snoring For Good

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Could this be the miracle anti-snoring pill we've all been waiting for? It sounds too good to be true! As someone who sleeps next to a roaring freight train every night, a pill that stops snoring for good is serious music to my (ear-plugged) ears!

Snoring tablet
Could a new pill to stop snoring mark the end of your sleepless nights?

Snoring partners are a dime a dozen (no offence), so it's no surprise that scientists the world over have been testing out all sorts of miracle treatments to put an end to all the nasal honking that creates sleepless nights for many bleary-eyed individuals. Snoring is such a hot topic in modern society that even mega supermarket ALDI jumped on the anti-snoring bandwagon - remember the ALDI anti-snoring pillow? If you sleep next to a snorer and have tried every anti-snoring trick in the book, a new pill to stop snoring in its tracks is right up your alley.

The anti-snoring pill in question - codenamed AD109 - is being trialled by scientists in the US and is made up of 2 medicines: atomoxetine, which is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children, and oxybutynin, which is used to treat urinary incontinence. When combined, the 2 medicines are believed to reduce snoring by increasing a patients' blood oxygen levels.

Pill to stop snoring
A new clinical trial is underway to develop a pill to stop snoring.

Pharmaceutical company Apnimed is at the helm of the anti-snoring clinical trial and has been working on their miracle pill since 2018. Of the 20 research volunteers who took the tablet, 74 per cent went from an average of 28.5 breathing interruptions per hour to just 7.5. 

Apnimed are currently undergoing larger clinical trials before releasing their anti-snoring tablet to the world. We can't wait!

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