ALDI❜s New Anti-Snore Pillow Will Reinstate Your Sanity For Just $20

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Sawing wood, chopping down trees, sucking in the curtains... whatever comical spin you put on it, if you live with a snorer and have to endure their nasal honking night after night, we know exactly why you're not laughing anymore. We're thrilled to announce that ALDI have once again come to the rescue with a nifty solution to life's many hiccups, and this time it's an anti-snoring pillow that's set to transform your bed for good.

Aldi snoring pillow
ALDI's anti-snoring pillow can put snoring to bed for good!

If you've tried every trick and product in the book to shut up your partners' noisy nose, you're probably a little sceptical about an ALDI pillow solving your sleep situation, but we think the German retailer might have nailed it with this one. 

ALDI's Anti-Snore Pillow's ‘S-shaped insert’ is designed to position your head on an incline, which is believed to help keep your airways clear as you sleep and thus reduce those annoying phlegmy snorts that keep you up at night.  

Kirkton House Anti Snore Pillows
ALDI's Kirkton House Anti Snore Pillows are just $19.99.

If online reviews are anything to go by, ALDI have hit it out of the park with their Kirkton House Anti Snore Pillows (which come in a 2-pack). "My husband stopped snoring after using these. I could marry Mr Aldi," says one very happy customer. 

ALDI's Anti-Snore Pillow is available now at select ALDI stores. 

Have you found an anti-snoring solution that works? Let us know in the comments!

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