Top 5 Best and Worst Gifts on Mother❜s Day

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As any savvy marketer will be aware, Mums are known to do most of the household and gift shopping. So when it comes to Mums’ birthdays and Mother’s Day gifts, we are often made to feign appreciation when really, we’d rather re-gift, refund or choose our own gifts to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed. From what I hear, when Dads or partners do get it right, it can seem like a small miracle!

That’s why I don’t just hint at what I might like to receive to allow me feel appreciated on Mother’s Day; I write a little note on a love-heart pad, send an email (even if we’re in the same room) or make casual suggestions to my husband at a time when I know I have his full attention. It may sound ridiculous but if I don’t make these obvious hints, it’s put in the “You didn’t tell me!” category.

After surveying a group of friends, I learnt that I’m not the only one who has been thrilled or less than enthusiastic, to put it mildly, upon the opening of a Mother’s Day gift. Here’s a list of the 5 best and worst gifts that have gone around in my circle, and then maybe have gone around again in the form of a re-gift or ended up going cheap at a garage sale…

Top 5 Worst Mother’s Day Gifts

1. A striped adult onesie – hubby thought that since I liked to ‘lounge’ after hours he’d pick me up something super comfy online, but the medium size was made for a giant so he ended up wearing it!

2. An iron...or worse, a toilet brush and cleaning set – grrrrrr :(

3. A voucher for a hair-cut or beauty treatment - when my friend turned up to the shop to use her voucher she found the shop had since closed. (editor's note: this year it might be a good way support a local business doing it tough due to COVID-19 restrictions).

4. Flowers from the servo or local supermarket – this last minute thought was better than nothing, but the flowers were limp and almost dead after 24 hours. Added to that, I was left to change nappies back to back and deal with twin tantrums whilst hubby ducked out for this last minute gift – NOT HAPPY JAN!

5. Nothing, nada, zip – husbands are notorious for forgetting to arrange something for Mother’s Day leaving Mums around Australia feeling pretty grumpy on this day (see below for some ideas to throw at your other halves to ensure this doesn’t happen to you!)

Top 5 Best Mother’s Day Gifts

1. A week's worth of meals so Mum doesn't have to cook for a week (if Mum can do it, so can you!). Alternatively, you could always order her meals from Marley Spoon or Dinner Ladies to make cooking at least a little bit easier, more delicious, and a fun team effort! Try GoKidz if cooking for the kids is more a chore than a joy! 

2. A poem written by the kids and delivered beautifully, encased in a home-made cardboard frame. 

3. Photographic memories: If you can't write poetry, remember a picture paints a thousand words! Grab the camera, or even just a smart phone and get some gorgeous snaps of the kids to put in a frame. 

4. Half a day of babysitting so Mum and Dad can have an afternoon of 'beach exercise' + fish and chips date. 

5. A luxury overnight stay in a hotel – without husband or kids! So a new Mum can have a full night’s sleep when the restictions on hotels are over! 

Whatever you end up with, the team at ellaslist wish all you Mums an indulgent, abundant, fun and adventurous Mother’s Day.

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