Top TV Shows To Binge-Watch While You❜re In Self-Isolation

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Before the global pandemic, shutting yourself indoors for a lengthy period of time seemed like a dream. However, now we're forced to do it, the days can often feel really long. 

So, if you're looking for something to toll away the time, especially when the kids have gone to bed,  here's the best new and old TV show to watch right now. 

1. The Godfather of Harlem (Stan)

Never have the lines between bad and good been blurred so much than when it comes to the rea-life story of New York drug lord Bumpy Johnson. Not only does the TV show delve into the introduction of heroin into the U.S back in the 70s but also touches on the civil rights movements, with Malcom X a key charactor of the show. Oh, and Bumpy is played by Forest Whitaker. Incredible. 

2. This Way Up (Stan)

For all the laughs and all the tears, then This Way Up is where it's at. Following the journey of Aine as she navigates life post-mental breakdown. A true and honest insight into mental health, sisterhood and how happiness isn't always so black and white. 

3. Atypical (Netflix)

Navigating teen life with autism? Well, it's no easy feat but Atypical follows the hilarious highs and the heart-pulling lows of 18-year-old Sam as he tries to be just like any other teenager. Be warned: Now in it's fourth season, you'll binge in one go if you have't already delved in. 

4. Halston (Netflix) 

It's Halston, darling! This one-off series looks at the colourful life of celebrated fashion designer Halston before his death from AIDS in the early 1980s. It's all hedonistic partying, sultry 70s fashion and plenty of visits to Studio 54. Ewan McGregor just got nominated for an Emmy for his role in the film. It's a goodie. 

Oldies but Goodies 

5. Sex Education (Netflix)

Who doesn't need a good belly laugh right now? Take one teenage boy battling pubery and take one sex therapist mum and watch the akwardness unfold. Best of all, Gillian Anderson (of X Files fame) plays Otis' mum and she absolutely nails the role of mum failing to find an edit button. Brilliant. 

6. Fleabag (Amazon Prime)

Two series of pure dry wit and quintessentially British writing that delves into love, grief, family, guinea pigs, and a complicated relationship with a hot priest. 

7. Stranger Things (Netflix)

If you haven't already then you have to enter the weird town of Hawking which has a door to the Upside Down – a dark reverse of the world containing evil demogorgans and demodogs – that refuses to stay closed. 

8. Broad City (Stan)

We know! It's been around for a while but it's got all the feel-good vibes needed to get through the finale of pandemic life. Two co-dependent best friends navigate the pitfalls and high jinx of millennial life in New York City with little-to-no income or care for anyone but themselves - it'll make you nostalgic for life in your twenties... 

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