The Very Best Playgrounds in the World

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It would be a wonderful feeling to be a kid again and play in some of these mind-blowing playgrounds. The playgrounds on this list have been scoured worldwide to find the most inventive and creative playgrounds we've ever seen. 

The Very Best Playgrounds in the World

Sure, having these near us when we were kids would have been a dream come true, but since we can't do that, maybe using them as pitstops while travelling with overly-energetic kids could be even better. 

1. Mulighedernes Park, Denmark

Monstrum, a Danish company, constructs some of the most creative playgrounds in the world – said to be like something out of a child's dream. They are physically demanding yet safe and made entirely from sustainable wood. This giant dragon has made a home in Mulighedernes Park in Aalborg. The dragon has climbing knobs, double slides, and balance beams installed all over its body. Inside the dragon, hideouts and tunnels lead to good hiding places or the top of the slides.


monstrum dragon
 We're ready for a monster amount of fun!


2. City Museum, St Louis, Missouri

This one was once an old shoe factory, but now it is an indoor playground. It is like a children's paradise in the middle of an urban jungle. As an added bonus, there is a treehouse, a spiral slide, and even a 30-foot ferris wheel to keep you entertained.


city museum
Looks like a sole lot of fun​. Source: Christopher Jobson


3. Playground at Parque Gulliver, Spain

There is a magnificence to this playground that can only be understood if you take a step back. Specifically, it is made in the shape of a giant from Gulliver's Travels. Taking the role of the "Lilliputians" from the story, children clamber all over the giant as they enact the tale!


gulliver park
Source: anGelaa* on Flickr


And another angle just for the sheer awe of the size. 


gulliver park 2
Source: Robyn Lee on Flickr


4. Water Playground, Poland

A good water playpark is something we love at Ellaslist. Located in Tychy, Poland, this one is shaped like a pool and features a blue bottom and wooden benches on the outside. As children play, water is sprayed from aquatic toys and flower fountains. In the evening, the LED lights shine out, giving the park a beautiful glow.


tychy poland
Nothing like a playground with a view! Source: Design rulz


5. Bounce Below, Northern Wales

The underground caves of Wales have an actual trampoline hidden inside. Well, 3 trampolines to be precise. The old Victorian mine has been transformed into a bouncing wonderland for kids and adults alike. The park is more than just a park, it's an experience of a lifetime.


bounce below
Source: Visit Wales


6. Wright Brothers Playground, New York City

The commitment to the theme helps this park make a list. As the name suggests, this park is all about aeroplanes, with kids being able to sit in and run a plane, as well as signs pointing out the story of the Wright Brothers and their journey into the skies.


wright brothers
Source: Landscape Structures Inc Youtube


7. Crocheted Playground, Japan

Japanese crochet artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam has created a colourful design for the Hakone Sculpture Park as part of the park's interior design. After three years of planning and engineering, the Rainbow Net was finally opened to the public. Children love to play with the crochet and it is amazing to see how it comes to life and forms new shapes and pockets when they do.


crochet park 2
Source: Rita on Pinterest


8. Shelby Farms Park Conservancy, Memphis, USA

Children were asked what they would like to see in a playground and James Corner Field Operations was able to provide them with exactly that. This finished product consists of a number of different "nests" or play areas which are connected by ivy-covered pathways. This is a truly enchanting park with lots of nooks and crannies to explore.


shelby park
Source: Shelby Farms


A Couple from Australia

9. Nature’s Playground, Adelaide Zoo

Welcome back Down Under for this one. The earthy playground designed by Wax Designs for Adelaide Zoo connects children with nature through play. As you explore this woodland setting, you will see a rock lined creek that has tadpoles swimming around. Plus there are cubby houses to explore and so much more in this beautiful woodland setting.


natures playground
Source: Dan Schultz, Wax Design


10. Wulaba Park, Waterloo, Sydney

A giant play tower, a giant slide, cable climbing apparatus, climbing nets, tunnels, and just about everything else on the playground, is painted in sensational bold, bright colours and there is so much to see. Read our review of the Wulaba Park, Waterloo, Sydney playground.


wulaba park
Source: City of Sydney


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Jun 11 2022

City Park Playground in Budapest has to be one of the world's best.


Dec 08 2018

this is such a cool idea, ive been to the one at Adelaide zoo and its flipping awesome. take your kids there straight away.