Where to go for the Best Hot Chocolates in Sydney

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If you’re anything like me, when the temperature gauge starts to drop, the cravings for smooth, warming hot chocolates in Sydney start to rise. It certainly puts a zing back into my step to grab a cuppa' hot chocolate in Sydney, that's for sure!

So, whether you like your hot chocolates plain, white or garnished with weird and wonderful toppings, Sydney is a yummy go-to for mouthwatering hot chocolates to sweeten up any day. Take the kiddies along for a warming treat of milky goodness or wrap your hands around a cup of smooth, hot choccie and savour some ‘me-time.

Where to go for the Best Hot Chocolates in Sydney

1. Perfection Chocolates 

Perfection Chocolates
The real melted chocolate at this eastern suburbs institution makes all the difference! 

With a family of fine chocolatiers at the helm, this local favourite in Sydney's east has been handcrafting their own chocolate for decades, and their decadent hot chocolate is one of the best ever - especially with a chocolate-covered jelly snake!

There's no powdered chocolate here folks. Their signature milk chocolate is dripping from a fountain, ready for your steaming cup of decadence, with an extra drizzle on top!

Perfection Chocolates also have a massive range of the finest quality hand-made chocolates and sweets, plus coffee, gelato and their best-selling mocha.

Location: 700 New South Head Rd, Rose Bay

Delicious Chocolate Cafes in Sydney

2. San Churro

San Churro Hot Chocolates
Using real couverture chocolate, San Churro hot chocolates are next level!

San Churro serve up thick, rich Spanish hot chocolates in Sydney and guards its original recipe carefully.

Stick to the Classic Spanish or add all kinds of delicious toppings, from handmade giant toasted marshmallows to chocolate-popping candy. They also serve up traditional milk, dark or white hot chocolates, plus mocha and a mini-kids version. 

Location: Multiple across Sydney - visit the website for a San Churro near you.

3. Black Star Pastry

The best hot chocolates in Sydney
Black Star Pastry's Hot Choc Mirage.

Black Star Pastry are renowned for revolutionising the pastry industry - so much so, that there's pretty much always a queue out the door! Well, now they've taken their artistry and have lovingly reproduced some of your favourite slices to be enjoyed by the sip, including hot chocolate!

Black Star Pastry's take on hot chocolate is their Hot Choc Mirage, aka their Chocolate Mirage Cake in drink form - incredible! It delights the palette with Rooibos Tea, caramel and Madagascan Manjari Chocolate - we'll take two!

Locations: Too many to list - visit the website to find a Black Star Pastry near you.

4. Rivareno 

The best hot chocolates in Sydney
Rivareno hot chocolate is a thick, rich, Italian-style indulgence!

Italians know how to make two things really well – gelato and hot chocolate (and, OK, pizza too).

Rivareno use one of the best chocolates in the world: Valrhona Grand Cru ‘Manjari’, which is made with single-origin 64 per cent cocoa from Madagascar, and a serious contender for the best hot chocolate in Sydney. It's thick, rich chocolate with beautifully balanced acidity and red fruit flavours. You can also choose a gelato flavour to create a thick, rich Rivareno hot chocolate affogato.

Location: Multiple in Sydney - visit the website to find a Rivareno near you.

5. The Copper Mill 

The Copper Mill
This local cafe has made its mark with a signature Coconut Hot Chocolate.

The Copper Mill have been serving up their signature Coconut Hot Chocolate for years and each winter they seem to taste even better than the one before!

They combine the finest chocolate powder, a generous dash of creamy coconut milk and extra-frothy steamed milk to create a rich, smooth cup of some of the best hot chocolates in Sydney time and time again.

Location: 338-356 Mitchell Rd, Alexandria 

6. Koko Black 

Koko Black
 Koko Black serves up their famous signature Belgian Hot Chocolate.

One of Australia’s most loved chocolate purveyors, Koko Black’s signature hot chocolate is double brewed for two hours to an authentic Belgian recipe. It's no wonder they're considered some of the best in Sydney!

Stick to the classic or add a chilli, cinnamon, mocha, orange or hazelnut twist to warm up your winter.

Location: You'll find Koko Black on the ground floor of the stunning Strand Arcade on the corner of Pitt Street, making it the perfect pitstop on a busy shopping trip.

7. Kakawa Chocolates

Kakawa Darlinghurst
Kakawa Hot Chocolates

If your idea of good hot chocolates is pretty much just chocolate melted and served, then you've come to the right place!

Kakawa Chocolate are master chocolatiers and serve incredible hot chocolates full of that deep chocolatey flavour you're craving right now. Their chocolate creations come in an assortment of yummy flavours, including dark traditional, chilli, hazelnut, brandy, and can also be served ice cold. 

Location: 147 William St, Darlinghurst

8. Adora Handmade Chocolates

Adora Handmade
Adora's gourmet Hot Chocolate is made with luxurious Belgium chocolate.

Adora Handmade Chocolate's smooth, creamy hot chocolates are fast becoming as legendary as their handmade chocolates.

Choose from milk, dark or white hot chocolate, and all their drinks come with complimentary melt-in-the-mouth chocolate made from pure Callebaut, a fine Belgium couverture chocolate - so yum!

Location: Multiple across Sydney - visit the website to find Adora Handmade Chocolates near you.

9. Hyggelig

The best hot chocolates in Sydney

Let's talk Hyggelig—the Danish secret to all things cosy. Guess what? The hot chocolates over at Haymarket and Drummoyne? Total game changers.

We're not talking about your average, run-of-the-mill Cottee's syrupy affair here. The cups at Hyggelig are crafting a whole new vibe—bitter, nutty, and oh-so-soothing. They've got this almost healthy twist that's sending our tastebuds on a seriously snug journey. So, grab your scarves, we’re diving into a world of warmth.

Location: 197-199 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne

10. Cremeria Giuseppina

The best hot chocolates in Sydney
Cremeria Giuseppina

*Temporarily closed*

Available in dark, milk and white chocolates, with dairy-free and gluten-free options, Cremeria Giuseppina serve up authentic (and thick!) Italian hot chocolates in Sydney.

Take a taste from a huge range of delicious flavour options including rose, orange blossom, mint, rum, lemon myrtle, zabaglione, coconut, tiramisu, salted caramel, hazelnut, rose, chilli, gianduja, lavender, mandarin, matcha and lemon cheesecake!

Location: 84 Ramsay Rd, Five Dock

Is your favourite hot chocolate in Sydney not on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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LYNNE Mullaney

May 25 2016

They all sound great-just making a list, checking it twice and heading off to sample the goodies!