Six of the Best Milkshakes in Sydney

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There is nothing like a creamy, double-thick milkshake to make the world a brighter (and yummier) place. Had a crazy busy week? Kids playing up and driving you up the wall? Make a date with one of these magnificent milkshake masterpieces and everything will be right again.

Here are our picks for the most scrumptious, earth-shaking and gourmet milkshakes in Sydney.

Vine and Grind, Liverpool

This is THE ultimate ‘I love you’ milkshake, Vine and Grind in Westfield Liverpool is the place to take the kids when they deserve a treat. Their Kids Unicorn Shake ($12) is as magical as it sounds - it's a lavender strawberry shake, nutella, whipped cream, fairy floss, rainbow confectionery. Take the kids to the dentist after this one, parents! 

Daisy’s Milk Bar, Petersham

Daisy’s Milk Bar is a gorgeous retro throw-back-to-the-50’s cafe dishing out some decadent milkshakes. Choose from salted caramel, chocolate fudge, pancake, chocolate peanut butter, Milo, Nutella, Turkish Delight and iced Vovo – all $7. Plus there are regular specials, such as the latest cherry bomb milkshake special! Sour cherries, chocolate sauce, fresh cream and a cherry on top. Visit them here. 


Vogue Cafe, Macquarie Centre

One of my cousins was so inspired by the colourful milkshakes at this shopping centre cafe, that she crafted her son’s birthday cake in the same theme – coloured candy popcorn, chocolate and gummy worms. Your kid’s eyes will pop out when they see these Willy Wonka-like creations. The Nutella Milkshake is packed with a sugar-cone filled with lollies, liquorice all-sorts and a few other yummy surprise treats. Visit them here.  Also worth checking out in Maquarie Centre is the Missing Piece which does epic freakshakes including Game of Thrones themed milkshakes! 


The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, Redfern

Expect a great quality milkshake in this yummy burger cafe. The Snickers creation is even better than the original chocolate bar and you just gotta try the P.B.J (Peanut butter ice cream, crunchy peanut butter, raspberry and blueberry jelly) which will send your taste buds to paradise. Visit them here. 


XS Espresso, Wetherill Park + Bondi

These milkshakes are a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy. Our favourites are the Tim Tam Peanut Butter Shake and the Oreo action-packed cookies and cream shake. Plus they have perfectly sized kid versions as well. Visit them here. 


Milky Lane, Throughout Sydney

From Bondi to Cronulla and everywhere in between, find this EXTRA milk bar with some seriously epic milkshakes. Find them on the cocktail menu, because yes, they are boozy, but you can opt for the mocktail version if it's 10am and you just don't feel right. Think concoctions such as Kit Kat Choc Fudge and Bubblegum Sour which is topped with bubblegum fairy floss & toasted marshmallows. Oooh yeah. 

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Jan 15 2016

The best classic milkshake is from Pauls Famous Hamburgers, Sylvania.