The Magic Number of Kids for a Stress-Free Life

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The results are in, and parents with 3 children, we feel your pain!

3 is now considered the most stressful number of kids to cope with – even parents caring for 4 or more little ones report less stress than those that have 3.

A US TODAY survey asked 7,000 mothers about their daily stresses, and on average, a stress level of 8.5/10 is reached daily.

What Stresses Us Most?

Top stresses include money troubles, juggling work and home life, and interestingly, the stress mums put on themselves to be exceptional parents, which weighs more heavily than outside pressures.

Oh, Hubby!

In other interesting results, 46% of mums say they get more stressed out by their husbands than their kids! It is considered by 60% of mums surveyed that stress mainly comes from just not having enough hours in the day to get everything done (we agree a few extra hours wouldn’t hurt), and the same amount voted raising girls was more stressful than boys!

Why is Having 3 Kids the Most Stressful?

So, why 3? A mum of three told the TODAY survey: “Just crossing the street and not being able to physically hold all their hands, I find tremendously stressful."

Apparently having more than 3 naturally requires a little more “letting go”, and thus, less stress.

Our advice according to the survey? Stick to a lovely little family – 1 or 2 children, or expand the family from 3 to even more! If all else fails, just relax and know you’re doing a tremendous job.

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