This Is The Ideal Bedtime For Parents’ Mental Health

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Mums—do you get increasingly frazzled and irritable the later your kids stay up? Get frustrated when they refuse to play ball at bedtime? An Australian study has found that earlier bedtimes tend to mean that parents have a more balanced lifestyle—and that they, in turn, end up being a more positive influence on their children thanks to their happier outlook. 

The Study


Researchers studied 3,600 Australian children during the first nine years of their lives and analysed their general wellbeing and parents’ mental health to come to their conclusion on the magic bedtime. The result? *Drum roll please*…8.30pm!

Yup, the kids being in bed by 8.30 pm has been shown to give parents the chance to do things that bring them joys that—shock, horror—aren’t necessarily child-related. They can spend time together as a couple, tick a few things off their never-ending to-do lists and relax and unwind from their day. It creates space to allow parents to focus on their own relationship, which inherently lends itself to a happier family unit. 

It's Good For Kids, Too


As well as for the parents, earlier bedtimes are also thought to be beneficial for the kids, allowing them a better quality of life as a set (and earlier) bedtime means they have to adhere to a strict routine, which gets them used to following a schedule and maximising their day. 

If you really struggle to get your rabble into bed efficiently, it’s probably a good idea to work on some better bedtime habits and the establishment of a proper bedtime routine. Things like avoiding devices and blue light for a couple of hours before bed can work wonders; and leaves more time for good, old-fashioned story-time. Kids might also like to have a bath, listen to a bedtime story on a sleeping app like Calm or spend some time reading before bed.

Instilling structure into their nightly routine will pay dividends for you all—and create some much-needed time on the couch with a glass of wine and a bar of dark chocolate for you.

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