The Best Lolly Shops in Sydney for a Sweet Treat

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Sugar and spice and all things nice! That's right, the best lolly shops in Sydney are here to deliver the sweet goods for an instant sugar rush.

Whether you’re looking for an imported British sweet, a can of American-style soda, or just some delicious, boiled-before-your-eyes lollies, you’ll find them on this list. They make for the perfect post-school pit-stop for extremely well-behaved little boys and girls - enjoy!

The Best Lolly Shops in Sydney for a Sweet Treat

1. Sticky

Sticky at The Rocks
Sticky at The Rocks.

Looking for old-fashioned speciality rock candy? You'll find it at Sticky in The Rocks where they believe in making "sugar art" and not just lollies.

Children will be enthralled as the Sticky artisans stretch out soon-to-be-boiled rock candy with their hands. There’s always a super sweet tester for the kids to enjoy for free, and you can even design your own lollies and lollipops! 

Location: The Rocks Centre, 10/12-24 Playfair St, The Rocks 

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2. British Sweets & Treats

The best lolly shops in Sydney
Grab all the Quality Street you want at British Sweets & Treats!

Sadly, the British Sweets & Treats’ cosy little store in Bondi Junction closed down, however online orders can be placed and picked up at Kennards in Waterloo!

All the British confectionery you just can’t find in Australia can be attained through this delicious retailer, including British favourites such as Bonbons in all sorts of flavours, Quality Street, the Fox’s range & Strawberry bootlaces, and American favourites such as Candy Corn, Twinkies and Pop-Tarts - yum!

Location: online only 

3. Delicious Desserts

Delicious desserts Windsor
Soft serve and frozen yoghurt are Delicious Desserts Windsor's specialty.

If you like your lollies served on top of delicious soft-serve ice cream, then head right on over to Delicous Desserts in Windsor where you've got a choice of over 80 ice creams and frozen yoghurts with 108 different toppings!

Delicious Desserts is the destination in Sydney for lolly-topped ice creams and frozen yoghurts. Their selection of toppings is huge and includes lollies, treats, and chocolates from all corners of the globe - get ready for a crazy sugar rush!

Location: 123 George Street, Windsor

4. Haigh’s Chocolates 

Haigh’s Chocolates 
Haigh’s Chocolates 

More of chocolate rather than lolly store, but definitely worthy of a spot on our list of the best lolly shops in Sydney!

Haigh’s has some of the most divine, delicious chocolates on the markets, with stores throughout Sydney that make selecting some to take home an elegant affair. They sell chocolate blocks, gift boxes, cylinders of chocolate caramels, milk chocolate frogs, gift boxes, and individual chocolates cut into delightful shapes.

Locations: multiple across Sydney - visit the website to find a Haigh's Chocolates near you.

5. The USA Candy Factory 

The best lolly shops in Sydney
The USA Candy Factory

If American lollies are your thing, the USA Candy Factory is the place to stock up on your favourites in Sydney.

Here you’ll find Pop-Tarts, Campfire Marshmallows, Tootsie Rolls, Twinkies, Candy Corns, Lucky Charms, sodas, Twizzlers, and plenty more! The many shelves with brightly coloured confectionary might be a little overwhelming, so give yourself plenty of time to peruse.

Location: 551 Kingsway, Miranda

6. Liverpool Sweets

Liverpool Sweets
Liverpool Sweets

You can stop searching for your favourite Indian sweets because they're all available at Liverpool Sweets!

For over 25 years, Liverpool Sweets have been sourcing the finest ingredients to deliver the most authentic Indian sweets to Sydney families, including barfis, gujrellas, milk cakes, jalebis, perras, kalajams, and loads more.

Location: 271 George St, Liverpool

7. EzyKandy

The best lolly shops in Sydney

One of the most iconic lolly shops in Sydney, EzyKandy specialise in international lollies galore, and with multiple locations across Sydney, you're guaranteed a sugar high from this spot!

From Skittles to Reese's, Nerds, Hubba Bubba, Hershey's, Twizzlers, Dr Pepper and plenty more, some of the most iconic lollies from around the world can be found at EzyKandy. 

Locations: multiple across Sydney - visit the website to find an EzyKandy near you.

8. Candy Bar Sydney 

Candy Bar Sydney
Candy Bar Sydney

This sweet treat superstore sells bulk treats for candy buffets as well as all your favourite products and brands. 

Candy Bar Sydney is a wonderland of treasures in a rainbow of colours including gummi lollies, sour candies, rock candy, chocolates, nougat, fairy floss, lollipops and gumballs. They also stock a range of special treats from the USA like Hershey, Mike & Ike, Jolly Rancher and Reeses.

Location: 27 Norman St, Peakhurst

9. Lindt Chocolate Cafes

Lindt Cafe Warringah Mall
Lindt Cafe, Warringah Mall 

Another sweet spot for chocolate lovers, Lindt Chocolate Cafes, shops, and factory outlets are dotted throughout Sydney, so there's a good chance there's one near you for your next chocolate fix!

Stop in to grab a delicious treat from Lindt's extensive range, including the all-time-best chocolate Lindt balls - yum!

Locations: multiple throughout Sydney - visit the website to find a Lindt Cafe near you.

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Feb 24 2017

The lolly shop at Winsdor (NSW) is amazing too, with reasonable prices

Lukas Melrose

Feb 19 2017

USA Candy Factory Outlet in Caringbah has everything American!! The Best American shop in Sydney...

Michelle Melrose

Feb 19 2017

USA Candy Factory Outlet at Caringbah has the best range of USA Goodies available!