Sydney’s Vintage Toy Shop Is As Exciting For Parents And Kids Alike

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Forever lamenting the quality of your kid’s toys, and wishing they could play with something that used to delight you as a child? Well, Sydney’s vintage toy shop is shaking up the city’s toy scene, catering to children and adults alike with a huge range of vintage toys and collectables from all over the world.

The Inspiration

Created by two avid toy enthusiasts and collectors and located close to the child-friendly hub of Darling Harbour, Alfy’s New and Vintage Toy Shop does exactly what it says on the tin—offering a curated collection of both new and vintage toys. The vision was to create a space where people could get lost for hours trying to find that favourite toy from their childhood, or simply marvelling at the hundreds of 70's, 80's and 90's toys on offer that provokes many happy and nostalgic memories.

“We are thrilled to showcase our curated range of toys in a store that has the feel and information you would expect to find in a toy museum, but the visitor also has the opportunity to take home a piece of what they may have once owned as a child,” said Opal, co-owner of Alfy’s New and Vintage Toy Shop.

Alfy reinforces the shop’s focus on the customer experience, explaining that “the look on an adult’s face when they see a toy they played with as a child for the first time in maybe 20 or 30 years, is priceless. We want to give people that experience, and the chance to leave the serious world outside and rediscover their inner child.” Hear hear, Alfy!

The Range

If you want to buy your kids the kind of toys that you used to play with—Alfy’s looks set to be your one-stop-shop. Displayed in immaculate glass cases, the store’s offering includes G.I Joes, Star Wars, He-Man, Transformers, Superheroes, rare LEGO sets as well as TV and movie collectables, plus more. The front of the space houses a range of more contemporary toys including LEGO, Magformers, STEM kits and wooden toys and dolls for those who are looking for the latest on the toy scene.

The Details

Alfy's is located in the heart of Pyrmont (Shop 7, 233 Harris St). It is open from 11 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday and from 11 am - 4 pm on Saturdays.

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