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It’s a sad reality that kids’ toys contribute a great deal to damaging landfill, leaving most parents in a conundrum over whether or not to keep buying their kids’ toys, but then what child deserves a childhood with no toys! Luckily, it’s sustainable toys to the rescue! If you’re keen to forgo traditional plastic toys in favour of environmental toys that won’t leave a nasty mark on the environment, here are our top picks of the best eco-friendly toys in Australia.

Green Toys

Green Toys might confuse many because, unless our eyes are deceiving us, these toys still look plastic, right? Green Toys are plastic but they are made from 100% recyclable materials (old milk cartons to be more specific) and are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, melamine and other nasties so you and the kids will certainly be doing your bit for the environment when buying Green Toys. Helicopters, miniature houses, cooking sets, tug boats, trains, toolsets and plenty more toys are available from the Green Toys range.

Honeybee Toys

Honeybee Toys is a curated collection of only wooden and low environmental impact toys, the majority of which are manufactured from sustainable forests in Europe. If you’re looking to get your hands on every type of sustainable toy from building blocks to balance bikes, dolls houses, kitchens and even wooden castles, Honeybee Toys is your one-stop sustainable toys shop.

Little Earth Nest

Eco toys, organic baby clothes, sustainable gifts, eco water bottles and more are available from Little Earth Nest, Australia’s original eco family store. Since 2006, Little Earth Nest have been supplying high-quality sustainable toys and other organic merchandise to the Australian public from brands such as No Nasties, Nature Bubz, Ever Eco, Hape, and more. Little Earth Nest only believe in supplying eco-friendly merchandise that’s safe on the environment and also little bodies.


Zero-waste, toxin-free and ethical choices are the mantras at play at Biome. Biome is the first Certified B Corporation retailer in Australia, which means they hold themselves and their suppliers to extremely high standards when it comes to products, their kids’ toys in particular. Kids’ water bottles, baby bottles, organic baby clothes, wooden toys, school bags, puzzles and more are available from Biome.

Flora & Fauna

100% organic baby and kids toys and skin care is on offer at Flora & Fauna. The store and online retailer sells an extensive range of eco-friendly merchandise including baby clothes, bottles, reusable nappies, kids' natural makeup, ethical toys, skincare and more. So if you’re looking to start your new little bub on an eco-friendly foot, Flora & Fauna is a great choice. 

Shampoo With A Purpose

While not exactly a kids’ toy, Shampoo With A Purpose should certainly hold a purpose in you and your child’s life, considering their Shampoo Bars have zero, zip, nada nasties whatsoever! What’s more, Shampoo With A Purpose is the first and only company to manufacture shampoo in a bar form (like soap) that won’t mush into oblivion in the shower and holds the same amount of shampoo as 6 bottles of regular shampoo! The list of nasties excluded from all Shampoo With Purpose Shampoo & Conditioner bars is extensive and includes no palm oil, no packaging waste, no synthetic fragrances, no sulphates, no animal derivatives, no artificial colours, and plenty more.

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