Say Hello To Your Friends, The Baby-Sitters Club Is Back In a TV Series Reboot!

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By: Melissa Fine, ellaslist 

Hands up if you're singing along to our headline! If you spent the late 80s or 90s with your head buried in Ann M. Martin's Baby-Sitters Club book series, we bet you squealed with delight like we did when you heard about its resurrection. 

If the 1995 Baby-Sitters Club movie (pictured above and below) is anything to go by (we admit we've watched it multiple times over Kristy-esque peanut butter + banana sandwiches), bringing our favourite baby-sitters to the TV screen is a fab idea. The timeless coming-of-age and family themes explored - friendship, romance, school exams, and divorce - will make the reboot one to watch with your tween or teen, while you take a trip down memory lane. 

The Baby-Sitters Club TV series was released back in 1990, with HBO releasing a 13-series first season. With Fifty Shades Freed producer Michael De Luca executive producing the reboot, hopefully we can catch up with Kristy, Mary Anne, Dawn and all the rest of them for more than one HBO season this time around...'"cos nothing's better than friends..." 

Where To Watch It

You'll find the HBO channel on release date has been confirmed yet, so keep your eyes peeled! 

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