The Rugrats Are Back, Baby

  • Preschoolers
    All Ages

By: Melissa Fine, ellaslist

Get the chocolate Reptar Bars out and rejoice! 

If the headline has you humming to the Rugrats opening tune, you'll be excited as us that come 2019, our favourite bald-headed bub Tommy Pickles and his beloved baby friends will be gracing our TV screens once again - and it won't be reruns from 14+ years ago, but rather a brand new TENTH season. 

The last time Tommy Pickles, fiery-haired Chuckie, doll-like twins Phil and Lil and 'evil' cousin Angelica Pickles returned to our screens was in the 2003 Rugrats Go Wild movie, so we're more than ready for some Rugrats screen time to share with the kids.

We'll also be glad to see the return of clown-haired mum and part-time school teacher Didi Pickles, wasn't she just the best? 

One of the original (and the best, in our opinion) Nickelodeon cartoons that ran from 1991-2004, get ready to see the world through a baby's eyes once more, where everything appears larger than life and every day is a new crazy adventure.

No exact release date has been revealed yet, so stay tuned. 

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