Move Over Netflix, A Disney Streaming Service Is On The Way

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By: Rosie Stevens, ellaslist

Disney is making headway on its plans to launch a streaming service that will rival Netflix, and the direct-to-consumer platform is set to take shape in 2019. 

Currently, Disney has a deal that gives Netflix the rights to its programs, which means when the concept launches, they will have to go without roughly $300 million in annual revenue.


To make up for it however, Disney has got a superstar schedule set-up for 2019, with heavily-anticipated titles like a live-action Dumbo, Toy Story 4, Frozen 2 and a new Star Wars movie set to storm our screens in 2019, and then take up residence on their new streaming service. 

The mass-media conglomerate is in the midst of closing a deal with 21st Century Fox, which should mean that its “cache of exclusive intellectual property will give Netflix a run for its money.” The downside to the Disney option will inevitably be the lack of Netflix original content (which offers more than 700 originally-produced titles), but the price tag will likely be lower in order to reflect that. Plus, the abundance of Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars titles would hopefully offer some redemption.

Safe to say, we’re pretty excited. 


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