Review: A Starry Night at the ‘Van Gogh Alive’ Exhibit

  • Preschoolers

One does not have to be an artist to appreciate the beauty of a Van Gogh painting. It doesn’t matter who you ask, most people have come across one or two of his artworks at some point.

Whether it be the bold colours, impulsive brushstrokes or the intrigue that surrounds this artist, young or old, there is something for everyone and now is your chance to see some of his most famous works come alive in a multi-sensory experience for the whole family to enjoy. 

Van Gogh Alive

At the Royal Hall of Industries in the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park, ‘Van Gogh Alive’ is a multimedia art experience which combines this Dutch post-Impressionist’s works, projected with multi-channel motion graphics, cinema-quality sound and high definition projectors at a large scale, offering a fully-immersive experience for all to see from multiple angles.

In a nutshell, everything in the room moves and you are apart of this viewing up-close and personal. It doesn’t matter which corner of the room you occupy or where you stand, the point of view and experience you occupy will be different from the person next to you or near to you. 

A Unique Experience

There are no physical works of Vincent van Gogh on display here, but ‘Van Gogh Alive’ offers and boasts of a unique viewing experience that kids will love just as much as adults! If you have been lucky enough to see a Van Gogh paniting in the flesh you have only viewed it two-dimensionally. Imagine viewing his ‘The Starry Night’ with stars twinkling, swirling clouds slowly moving across the night’s sky and large enough to see every brushstroke in this picture to appreciate his work even more without the use of a magnifying glass.

This experience takes you on a journey with over 3,000 images on display—and it's definitely one to remember.

The Details

There are food facilities available on the premises, including an array of food packages to enjoy up to an hour before the ‘Van Gogh Alive’ experience. Why not spoil yourself with a High Tea or a Cheese and Charcuterie platter with drinks in your very own (for two people) private Greenhouse? Packages do not include entry into the exhibition. See here for further information on Greenhouse Dining tickets.

My Top Tips:

  • For those families with small children, don’t worry. Youngsters will enjoy this experience and may even get involved with trying to interact with the moving components. Prams and strollers are fine to take to this event. Social distancing procedures have been put in place and those older than 12 are required to wear a mask to get into the exhibit. Masks are available for purchase if you forget to BYO.
  • Children under 4 are free when accompanied by an adult. Don’t forget to register them at the time when purchasing tickets. The main feature takes about 45 minutes, so that’s plenty of time to enjoy and take happy snaps of the displays in the entrance of the main foyer. Photos can also be taken of the main feature – just make sure you don’t use flash. 
  • Depending upon when and what time you go, check out some of the eateries in the Entertainment Quarter. There is an assortment of food and beverage deals going at different restaurants, such as ‘Happy Hour’ or ‘Kids eat Free’. Why not make this experience a complete night out with the family?

Van Gogh Alive is on until 20th December 2020. 

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