Interaxcity Melbourne: Where Your Kids Can Become Community Heroes

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What does your child want to be when they grow up? The possibilities are endless so why not try something on 'for size' at this brand new children's museum designed to foster creativity, curiosity and learning through imaginative play.

Interaxcity has just opened up in Malvern and inside you'll find a “mini-city” where kids are the community heroes. 

Choose to take on any role in town or be a true Gen Z and take on many roles at once (YouTube influencer is not on offer, sorry). Try your hand at being a chef in the local restaurant, a construction worker at the building site or a doctor at the town's medical centre. There are also always openings at the local florist, cars to be repaired at the mechanic shop, or even the opportunity to be a pilot, a postal clerk and more. Kids will love working so much you'll never be able to complain about your job again! 

Learning Through Play

Creator of the space and Melbourne mum of three, Melissa Blumenthal, said the space was designed around the importance of learning through play and letting imaginations run free.

“Play has been shown to be an essential part of a child’s development, helping them to learn critical life skills such as social interaction, problem solving and collaboration,” said Melissa.

“Most kids have limited opportunities to engage in purposeful play these days. We all lead such busy lives, so we often lack the time and energy to really play with our kids. We tend to over-schedule their time. We also rely heavily on electronic devices and television. But simple pretend play – especially with parent or care-giver engagement - is vital to every child’s development and well-being."

Interaxcity is for kids of all abilities but is best suited for children aged between 3-9 years old but younger kids are absolutely welcome too. So go on, put the kids to work - they'll love it! 

The Details

Where:     1A Cawkwell Street, Malvern 
Cost:        $18 per session, adults (and babies under 12 months) are free of charge. 
To Book:  Choose from one of the daily sessions. Each session runs for 1.5 hours (90 minutes). 
For more info head to the website.

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