Happy New Year From The ellaslist Team!

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Happy New Year!

Whether it's time for a fresh start or just a time to take a look at how lucky you are to be living in this wonderful city, we hope you start the year feeling happy, relaxed and inspired for a new year of fun with your family. 

But before you decide to join a gym, quit sugar or take up Spanish lessons, let's take a look at how great 2017 was. Here are our top 8 stories for the year:

1. Fruit Picking Near Sydney

In 2017 you couldn't get enough of fruit picking! Whether it was about slowing down and making your own jam or showing your kids where fruit actually comes from, Family Fruit Picking 90 Minutes From Sydney was our most popular story by far. 

2. Christmas Lights In Sydney

What's more festive (and free) than touring the streets of Sydney in search of Christmas lights? You loved this street by street breakdown on where to find the best lights in the suburbs. 

3. New Childcare Rebate

How confusing are the new changes to the childcare rebate system? This article that breaks down all the changes in an easy to read guide was read and shared all over town.  

4. Free Camping Spots In NSW

The only thing better than camping is FREE camping. It's no surprise that this article on the best spots to put up a tent that won't costa cent was hugely popular. 

5. Best Farm Stays

You guys sure love nature! Our list of the best family farm stays near Sydney ticked all of your boxes. 

6. Babies and Toddlers Want Fun

Why should the older kids get all the good stuff? This article on the best activities for babies and toddlers proved that little people love getting out and about in Sydney too.

7. Indoor Birthday Venues

There must have been a lot of rained out birthday parties in the past because this article on the best indoor venues for kids parties was massive all year long. 

8. New Strathfield Playground

You lot love a new playground! And when we were first to review the new playground at Strathfield park, you nearly crashed the site! 

Let's Make 2018 A Good One!

2017 was full of good fun and adventure. Let's start 2018 in good spirits. And if you need some help coming up with resolutions, take a look at our list of New Year Resolutions To Inspire The Whole Family. 

Whatever you decide, we hope you enjoy it - and remember to keep up to date with us so you know all the family-friendly events happening in your area. Click here to sign up to our weekly newsletter. Cheers to 2018!