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There is a meme that floats around Facebook every December, depicting an image of a grown women sitting on Santa’s knee. Have you seen it? Above her head is a speech bubble that reads “I want a thin waist and a fat wallet; let’s not mix them up again this year”. I’m determined this is not going to be me again.

This year, I’m doing something different. I have set myself the challenge of being a better Mum. I’m going to start leading by example; no more “do as I say, not as I do” for me (well, I’ll try my best anyway).

Here are some thought-starters for New Year’s Eve Resolutions that are designed to inspire not only yourself, but also your children and partner.

1. “Never Stop Learning”

Try 52 new things in 2019, that’s something new every week, be it food or an activity or a location.

2. Put the phone down

No more bringing the mobile phone to the kitchen table. Regardless of how busy I am, I am going to leave my phone out of arms reach and concentrate on connecting with my family over dinner.

3. Stop yelling the house down

No more yelling from one room to the other. I have a habit of yelling at everyone when I want to talk to them instead of finding them in other room and talk face to face. I didn’t realise how horrible this was until my children started doing it back to me!

4. Save, Share, Spend

I want to start money education early with this simple 3 jar method. When they receive any money be it as a birthday gift or for doing chores, they will have the choice to save it all or spend some or donate some. It is recommended to encourage saving around 45%. It’s empowering kids to be able to buy their own toys and it’s a great way to teach them the value of money.

5. Care for our friends and family

I lost my beloved Grandma earlier this year. At her funeral, the constant theme throughout all the speeches was just how much she did for friends and family in need. A meal here, a letter there, a quiet helping hand when required. Caring for our village is something that just doesn’t seem to happen as often as it used to. In 2019, I am going to follow Ghandi’s advice by being the change I want to see in my small world.

6. Hug more each day

10 minutes. 10 uninterrupted minutes is all you need to be able to re-connect and stay connected with your child each day. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s often so hard to do when we are pushed and pulled in so many different directions as parents. I’d like to think that I can achieve this every single day with my babies, for as long as they allow me to do it… even when they find me mortifying. Hugs are the best.

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