ellaslist Reviews: Love Your Nature Exhibit at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Marketed as a 'kaleidoscope of colour', the new Love Your Nature exhibit at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney sounded right up my, and my flower and rainbow-loving 4-year-old's alley. I must admit, I was a little bit apprehensive about the fact that my delightful yet destructive 19-month-old would have to accompany us, but, we move! 

We boarded a ferry for Circular Quay (which, as everyone with kids knows, is a day-making activity in and of itself), then wandered our way up to the Gardens. Here's what we made of our trip to Love Your Nature.

Love Your Nature Exhibit 

Brimming with more than 20,000 plants, Love Your Nature offers a fascinating insight into the colourful world of plant love. It offers visitors abounding rainbow blooms and a plethora of fascinating plant stories that illuminate how plant life not only sustains itself but all life on Earth.

Love Your Nature
Ms 4 and Mr 19 months brought their most inquisitive faces to Love Your Nature...

The exhibit is centered around the premise that, since the beginning of time, plants have been using a variety of resourceful and remarkable ways to reproduce—with the help of water, wind, fungi, insects and other animals.  Love Your Nature is all about showcasing and celebrating the fascinating stories of plant love—from sex-changing cycads, a-sexual algae, and orchids that trick their pollinators.

Educational and Immersive

Love Your Nature
The smiling assassin enjoying his time with the plants whilst plotting his next move... 

While my two are probably a little young to understand the ins and outs of the plant stories showcased at Love Your Nature, they were awe-struck at the colour and scale of the exhibit, and especially the vertical flower wall—one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. They absolutely loved roaming around the exhibit and looking at the plants, pointing out all of the different colours (Ms 4, mostly), and stomping in any puddles of water that had accumulated (Mr 18 months.)

Love Your Nature
Give the guy a floral masterpiece and a puddle or two and he's happy!

We arrived at The Calyx at 10 am on the dot, meaning we were among the first to enter. If you're going with small kids, I'd recommend getting there early—give the little ones a chance to run riot before the (more) serious horticulturalists arrive! 

Coffee Break with a View

Love Your Nature
Fun fact: photo taken mere seconds before Ms 4 fell into a flower bed...

After we'd had our fill of floral fun, we headed to the Leaf Dept. Cafe—a gorgeous, calming space that's perfect for a relaxing coffee pre or post-exhibit. Naturally, we headed outside to sit (because, kids) and soaked up the city views. I enjoyed a semi-relaxing and delicious coffee while the kids demolished an array of snacks before capering about on the lawn. 

A visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens is always a true hit with kids, and stopping by The Calyx to experience this truly stunning exhibit is a great way to engage them in the world of plants and nature. All up, we had a lovely morning out in Sydney—and I'm sure, given time, the flowers will recover from Mr 19 months' heavy hands...

More at the Gardens for Kids

As well as the Love Your Nature exhibit, there's a host of other activities on offer for kids at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, particularly during the school holidays. Their vacation care Garden Grubs program is back, as well as Buck Tucker Pizza Making and Super Shelter sessions. Alice in Wonderland is also making an appearance at the Gardens this April! 

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