Eat Street Parramatta: 10 Restaurants to Try in 2024

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The foodie jewel in the West's crown, Eat Street Parramatta is a thriving, vibrant hub of colour, flavour, and mouthwatering meals. 

Complete with a buzzy atmosphere, strings of fairy lights, plenty of outdoor seating and a slew of family-friendly dining options, Eat Street is the perfect destination for your next family meal out.

Eat Street Parramatta: 10 Restaurants to Try in 2024

1. Frankie B's

Frankie B's Parramatta
Frankie B's is a must-try! 


Indulge in a culinary experience like no other at Frankie B's on Eat Street Parramatta!

The bistro is a vibrant hub where modern Australian fusion cuisine takes centre stage. When it comes to homemade pasta, Frankie B's are the masters. We're talking perfectly cooked spaghetti, delectable ravioli bursting with cheesy goodness, and a lasagne that you'll remember for a long time. There's also a range of share plates and small plates that will satisfy your cravings—perfect for dining out in a group!

Location: 291 Church Street

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2. Itihaas

Contemporary Indian food doesn't get much better than at Itihaas.


Eat Street's much-loved Itihaas pay homage to the rich history of Indian cuisine, where exotic ingredients, unfamiliar dishes, and tongue-tingling flavours reign supreme.

From aromatic curries to tantalising tandoori dishes, each bite is to be savoured, and there's a great range on offer for vegans and vegetarians. Whether you're a spice aficionado or prefer milder flavours, Itihaas offer a diverse menu that caters to all taste preferences.

Location: 325 Church Street

3. Bay Vista Dessert Bar

Bay Vista Dessert Bar
Covering all of your sweet bases and some of your savoury ones too, Bay Vista is a must-try.

In our book, a sweet course is one of the best parts about eating out, and luckily, Eat Street Parramatta is home to one of Sydney's best dessert bars.

Bay Vista serve everything from sweet and savoury crepes, pancakes, waffles, cakes, and classic desserts to chocolate fountains and ice cream bowls. Coffee, hot chocolate, and light meals are also on offer at this sweet gem!

Location: Shop 1, 330 Church Street

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4. Restaurant 317

Eat Street Parramatta restaurants
Restaurant 317 

The first restaurant in NSW to be accredited by Coeliac Australia, Restaurant 317 was born out of a vision to create a space where coeliacs could come together and indulge in quality food that’s both accessible and diverse.

The menu brings the flavours of Italy and the Mediterranean to its contemporary setting, and features the likes of pizza, pasta, risotto, steaks, skewers, sizzling skillets, and more! 

Location: 317 Church Street

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5. TJ Espresso

TJ Espresso
Fresh flavours and great coffee are the order of the day at TJ Espresso.

Serving up fresh and flavourful fare, TJ Espresso is the perfect restaurant for a casual brunch or a grab-and-go Banh Mi. Excellent service is combined with great prices, a range of dishes and some of the best coffee in Parramatta. Race you there! 

Location: Ground Floor, 126 Church Street

6. Lola Cocina Spanish Restaurant

Lola Cocina Parramatta
Mouthwatering Spanish and Mediterranean dishes await at Lola Cocina.

Serving up some of the best authentic Spanish cuisine on Eat Street, Lola Cocina is the perfect destination for your next family meal.

Intimate, relaxed, and with a seriously mouthwatering menu, this Spanish gem is the ideal antidote to your next paella craving!

Location: 79-81 Phillip Street

7. Little Greece

Little Greece
Little Greece is all about traditional Greek recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Take your tastebuds on a journey to Greece with Little Greece's traditional Greek recipes that champion quality ingredients, fresh flavours, and pure authenticity.

Gyros and souvlaki are the perfect grab-and-go meal from Little Greece, making it a highlight of Eat Street Parramatta's restaurants.

Location: 15-17 Phillip Street

8. Gelato Messina

Messina Parramatta
'Cause nowhere does after-dinner sweet treats quite like Gelato Messina.

The ultimate dessert destination that needs no introduction, Gelato Messina is the ideal post-dinner pick-me-up.

Artisan gelato, sorbets and gelato cakes are the order of the day here, and their range of flavours is *chefs kiss*. Key lime pie gelato, anyone? 

Location: 283 Church Street

9. Holy Basil Thai

Holy Basil Thai
There's not much that can beat Holy Basil Thai when it comes to fresh, fragrant flavours. 

A marriage of Thai and Laotian cuisines, Holy Basil Thai showcase their authentic flavours through a range of traditional and unique dishes.

Our pick would have to be the Laos Charcoal Chicken and the Vermecilli with Mixed Seafood. Drool! 

Location: Shop 5/330 Church Street

10. Flipp Burgers

Flipp Burgers
Flipp Burgers serve up some incredibly tasty ones! 

Burgers, shakes and fries don't come much better than those served up at Flipp Burgers.

Using exceptional quality, garden-fresh ingredients, these finger-licking burgers set a new standard for burger joints across the city. Oh, and try the Jalapeno Poppers and thank us later! 

Location: Shop 1, 302 Church Street

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