Best Burgers in Parramatta: 9 of the Juiciest for 2024

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When it comes to dishes that cater to the whole family, few options are more yummy and satisfying than the humble hamburger. Whether you're tucking into a double-patty masterpiece with 'the lot' or a vegan delight with all the right flavours, hamburgers certainly tick all the right boxes. 

The best burgers in Parramatta deliver a plethora of juicy patties, flavourful toppings, and even some creative inventions. So whether you're a devoted burger aficionado or just starting your gastronomic journey, get ready to fall in love with these incredible creations.

Best Burgers in Parramatta: 9 of the Juiciest for 2024

1. Betty's Burgers

Best burgers in Parramatta
Betty's Burgers

We kick off our burger extravaganza with a timeless favourite, Betty's Burgers.

Betty's Burgers serve up a scrumptious menu of beef, chicken and vegan burgers that will transport you to burger bliss. Their juicy, grass-fed beef patties are made with 100% Australian beef and loaded with fresh and flavourful accoutrements. The Betty Classic is a must-try, with its Angus beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and Betty's secret special sauce - yum!

Location: 12 Darcy Street

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2. Soul Burger

Best burgers in Parramatta
Soul Burger

For the vegans among us, Soul Burger offer vegan burgers in Parramatta that are bound to impress. 

Soul Burger is the home of plant-based comfort food and will fill your tummy with plant-based beef, chicken, duck, fish, pork, brisket, and even meatballs on freshly made buns. All of their vegan burgers include a medley of fresh ingredients and specialty sauces. And if someone in the family isn't in the mood for burgers, they also have plant-based hotdogs and fries on the menu.

Location: Shop 3/6 Hassall Street

3. BL Burgers

Best burgers in Parramatta
BL Burgers

BL Burgers is a spin-off of the insanely popular Bar Luca in the Sydney CBD and is just as good if not better than its relative.

BL Burgers is a haven for burger enthusiasts seeking extraordinary flavour combinations. Each burger from their extensive menu is a work of art, meticulously crafted with high-quality ingredients and served on pillowy buns. Whether you're craving their signature "Blame Canada" with its juicy beef patty, maple-glazed bacon, American cheese, and truffle mayo or prefer to venture into uncharted territory with their ever-changing specials, BL Burgers is a culinary adventure waiting to happen.

Location: 3/188 Church Street

4. Milky Lane

Milky Lane
Milky Lane

Milky Lane is a must-visit destination for burger enthusiasts seeking out the best burgers in Parramatta.

Prepare to embark on a flavour-packed adventure that will leave you in awe of their innovative and utterly delicious creations. Sink your teeth into their famous "Milky Lane" burger, featuring a juicy wagyu patty, American cheese, maple bacon, Mac 'n' Cheese croquette, and their signature Milky Lane sauce, all nestled between two fluffy brioche buns.

Make sure you peruse their decadent dessert menu before you leave - trust us, you won't be sorry!

Location: 20/22 Macquarie Street

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5. John Belvedere

John Belvedere Parramatta
John Belvedere

Beef, chicken, veggie, pork, and even rib burgers are on offer at John Belvedere.

Located on bustling Eat Street, John Belvedere take their meat seriously, only using the freshest cuts and marinating them to perfection before adding fresh accoutrements and signature sauces. Sink your teeth into their heavenly Belvedere Burger, featuring a succulent beef patty topped with melted cheese, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato, and secret house sauce. 

Location: 318 Church Street

6. Two Jays Premium Burger Bar

Best burgers in Parramatta
Two Jays Premium Burger Bar

Often touted as a 'secret gem' when it comes to the best burgers in Parramatta, Two Jays Premium Burger Bar keep their customers coming back for more with their fresh ingredients, inventive flavour combos and quick service.

Their menu is pretty extensive and includes chicken, vegan, and beef options, most with an Americana twist - think Southern fried chicken, American cheeseburgers, and their famous Route 66 burger. 

Location: Corner of Charles Street and Union Street

7. Flipp Burgers

Flipp Burgers
Flipp Burgers

If you're looking for some of the best burgers in Parramatta to go, head to Flipp Burgers.

With two locations to choose from, there's always time to stop in for a Flipp Burger. Embodying the essence of a classic American diner with a modern twist, Flipp Burgers is all about flavourful burgers, fries, and shakes served at lightning speed. 

Whether you opt for their signature Flipp Classic, a mouthwatering combination of a perfectly seasoned beef patty, melted cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, pickles, and their secret sauce, or venture into their inventive specialty concoctions like the BBQ Bacon Ranch, you're in for a treat.

302 Church Street
Level 5, Westfield Parramatta, 159-175 Church Street

8. Grill'd


Another great spot for burgers-on-the-go, Grill'd was one of the first burger outlets in Sydney to master the art of serving takeaway burgers without scrimping on quality ingredients.

Grab one of their succulent beef creations, made with 100% grass-fed, free-range beef, or indulge in their flavoursome chicken or lamb varieties. Vegetarian and vegan options are equally enticing, with innovative creations that highlight the natural flavours of plant-based ingredients.

Each burger is served on a fluffy, wholemeal bun and accompanied by a side of their famous chips, cooked to crispy perfection.

Location: Shop 4069 Westfield Parramatta, 159-175 Church Street

9. Pappa Flock

Pappa Flock
Pappa Flock

If you're craving a juicy chicken burger stat, then we highly recommend heading to chicken burger heaven, aka Pappa Flock.

Less is more at Pappa Flock, with a burger menu that only includes two options, but hey, they've honed their craft to deliver two of the best chicken burgers in Parramatta. They've perfected the art of crispy chicken tenders at Pappa Flock and deliver legendary burgers with succulent chicken, crunchy lettuce, and tomato slices on a fluffy burger bun with Pappa’s signature sauce - delish!

Location: 310 Church Street

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