Camping At Calmsley Hill City Farm

ellaslist Explorer, Amanda and her family dusted off their camping gear and set off to Calmsley Hill City Farm, just an hour’s drive from Sydney CBD for a weekend on the farm, surrounded by animals and sleeping under the stars. Here's what they made of the experience. 

We were so excited to spend a night camping at the Calmsley Hill City Farm. We arrived early in the morning to take part in the daily activities and fantastic, interactive shows that were on offer.

morning collecing duck eggs
My family and I couldn't wait to get stuck in to all-things farm related!

You are free to arrive at any time during the day, however, you must be there by 4 pm to be escorted to the camping area, just a short walk/drive from the farm. You can leave your camping gear in the car and enjoy a day at the farm without lugging your overnight bag with you.

A Unique Farm Stay Experience

Once the day visitors had left and the farm was closed off to the public, we (the campers) had exclusive access and were escorted around by Farmer Brad to assist him with closing the enclosures and putting the animals to sleep for the night.

In the morning he took the children to collect the eggs from the chickens and ducks (for breakfast). After breakfast, before the farm opened, the children experienced feeding the birds, ponies, the camel, and we even got to hold the python (EEEK!).

The Animals

milking the cow after show
There are so many ways to engage in the farm experience at Calsmley, and to meet the farm's cutest residents!

Everyone was able to have a one-on-one experience with the animals, holding and petting them. In the nursery, there were goats, rabbits, chicks, emus and ferrets. Outside there were koala’s, ponies, chickens, ducks and cows.
Activities are specifically aimed at the children, however, the adults had just as much fun. We did everything as a group and everyone enthusiastically participated.

The People

The farmers are fantastic! Farmer Brad and Farmer Noah were so helpful, friendly and approachable, with a wealth of knowledge about the animals and local area.

view with camel
The staff are a credit to Calmsley—ensuring everyone gets the most out of the experience.

Some fellow campers had come as a group and knew each other, others were families on their own. Everyone camping was like-minded; there to have fun and enjoy the experience to the full. There were about 30 children and 23 adults. It was such a friendly atmosphere, playing together, sharing a frisbee, balls, playing with sticks, stones and the pond.

Do You Have To Be A Seasoned Camper?

dam near camp site
From novices to pros, young to old and families to big groups, this is the perfect experience for everyone. 

It’s perfect for everyone, those who want to introduce camping to their children, those who have wanted to camp but never knew where to begin, those who are scared of camping or have never camped before and those who are experienced campers. Calmsley Hill City Farm is the easiest most enjoyable camping experience with a difference.

The Facilities

There are ample toilets and a baby change table. Toilets are about 100+ meters walk from the campsite, at night there are dim lights which remain on, you do need a torch to guide your way as it is dark in places. (I was a bit afraid to go to the loo in the middle of the night).

What Ages Are Recommended For This Experience?

Suitable for any age, if you’re mobile on grass (the camping area) and happy to sleep in a tent. Children from 2-13 years thoroughly enjoyed it!

Overall Verdict

This is a perfect way to ease into the camping experience. Your tent can be provided and set up before you arrive. The meals are cooked for you and entertainment is organised. All you need to do is show up with your sleeping bag, pillow, and ‘ready to have fun’ attitude. You will have the most relaxing and enjoyable time. A fantastic memory and definitely a desire to do it again!

Top Tips

children before putting animals to sleep
Here are a few handy hints of ways to maximise your camping trip at Calmsley!


  • Take a comfy sleeping mattress as the ones provided are thin yoga mats. (Especially if you have pre-existing aches and pains).
  • Pre-book a tent (they have a limited number available and are set up for you.) SO EASY!
  • It’s really close to Sydney, less than 1 hour drive.

What You Need To Know

Camping Price: Adults $105 Children $65 Family (2A-3C) $330 Check out what this includes
Dates: Check out available camping dates
Phone: (02) 9823 3222
Address: 31 Darling St Abbotsbury NSW 2176
More Info: Check Out Their Website!

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Hero image: Garda Post

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Oct 11 2016

Great review Amanda! Was lovely to meet you there ... and I agree totally with your review! My kids loved it too ?