Baby Names: This is What Aussie Parents are Naming Their Babies in 2021

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The business of choosing a baby name is certainly not an easy task - pick the 'right' one and chances are at least 5 of your little one's mates will have the same name. Pick the 'wrong' one and poor Danger is left with a questionable name for the rest of their life. 

It's easy to turn to celebrity baby names in a bid to choose a highly trendy baby name, but, again, chances are your new favourite baby name is also going to be the new favourite baby name of most of the parents in the maternity ward. Nevertheless, one has to start somewhere, and for today's Gen Alpha parents, their inspiration for baby names in 2021 is coming from the good old World Wide Web as Nameberry has recently named the top 10 baby names in the world that Gen Alpha parents are searching for and we're sorry to reveal that Charlotte has officially been dethroned! 

Top Baby Names 2021

Baby names 2021
These are the top trending baby names for Gen Alpha in 2021.

Top 10 Girls' Baby Names

1. Luna

2. Maeve

3. Isla

4. Aurora

5. Iris

6. Ivy

7. Hazel

8. Eloise

9. Ophelia

10. Aurelia

Top 10 Boys' Baby Names

1. Arlo

2. Atticus

3. Kai

4. Milo

5. Leo

6. Silas

7. Finn

8. Jude

9. Theodore

10. Ezra

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