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Step aside, trend forecasters and predictors! We're bringing you the freshest baby name trends for 2023, updated in real time and based purely on the choices of parents just like you. This isn't your standard list of baby names - it's a live snapshot of the names parents are falling in love with right now.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Top Names of 2021 and 2022

Baby names 2021
The Top Baby Name Trends for 2023

Rewinding a bit, Olivia and Liam were the shining stars of 2021 and 2022, claiming the top spots on the list of popular baby names. Interestingly, a trend was noticeable among the top girl names - each one ending with the enchanting vowel "a."

As for the boys, the top five names saw some jostling for positions, but no new names managed to penetrate this exclusive group.

Will They Hold Their Reign?

As we make our way through 2023, we can't help but wonder whether these well-loved names will continue to be favourites. Will the trend of girls' names ending in "a" dominate again this year? And what about those names we've seen less and less of lately, like Hayden and Walter? Are they set for a comeback, or are they moving towards the endangered list? Only time will tell.

The Early Leaders of 2023

But enough with the past and the speculation, let's dive into the now. Based on current popularity, the most loved baby names of 2023 are shaping up to be intriguing.

For girls, Olivia still holds her crown, with Emma, Amelia, Ava, and Isabella close on her heels. Rounding up the top ten are Charlotte, Sophia, Mia, Luna, and Lily.

On the boys' side, Liam continues his reign, followed by Noah, Oliver, Mateo, and Elijah. Completing the top ten, we have Lucas, Leo, Ethan, Asher, and Aiden.

Unveiling the New Challengers

Digging deeper into the list, from positions 11 through 50, we find a treasure trove of beautiful names. For girls, Harper, Aurora, Gianna, Ellie, and Sofia are winning hearts. For boys, James, Luca, Ezra, Theo, and Kai are making their presence felt.

Even further down the list, at spots 51 through 100, we're seeing unique names like Ayla, Daisy, Savannah, Leilani, and Maria for girls, and Micah, Ezekiel, Miles, Adam, and Theodore for boys, gaining in popularity.


The Top 50 Baby Names for 2023

Rank Girls Boys
1 Olivia Liam
2 Emma Noah
3 Amelia Oliver
4 Ava Mateo
5 Isabella Elijah
6 Charlotte Lucas
7 Sophia Leo
8 Mia Ethan
9 Luna Asher
10 Lily Aiden
11 Aurora James
12 Harper Luca
13 Evelyn Levi
14 Gianna Ezra
15 Violet Theo
16 Ellie Kai
17 Sofia Michael
18 Aria Grayson
19 Willow Henry
20 Layla Gabriel
21 Maya Jack
22 Ella Mason
23 Nova Muhammad
24 Grace Maverick
25 Mila Jackson
26 Camila Daniel
27 Hazel Elias
28 Ivy Luke
29 Eliana Sebastian
30 Chloe Carter
31 Emily Josiah
32 Elizabeth Hudson
33 Elena Benjamin
34 Isla Logan
35 Athena Alexander
36 Abigail William
37 Penelope Jayden
38 Victoria Waylon
39 Zoey Joseph
40 Eleanor Owen
41 Naomi Samuel
42 Nora Julian
43 Avery Nathan
44 Emilia David
45 Scarlett Isaiah
46 Zoe Jacob
47 Delilah Thomas
48 Kinsley Matthew
49 Riley John
50 Iris Wyatt

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