The Unique Baby Name Trends Set to Shine in 2024

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Alright, folks, gather around because we're diving headfirst into the baby naming vortex – it's the "Who's Who" of baby name trends in 2024, drenched in main character energy, swaddled in soft acoustics, and straight-up forecasting the weather. Yes, that's right, this isn't your grandma's baby name list!

The Unique Baby Name Trends Set to Shine in 2024

Baby name trends 2024
The unique baby name trends set to shine in 2024.


First off, Charlotte and Oliver are basically the Homecoming King and Queen of baby names, reigning supreme yet again as top baby names in 2024. But let's be real, the juicy stuff lies in what's up-and-coming, and this year’s forecast is like opening a treasure chest of naming gold for those wanting to zig when others zag. So, without further ado, here are the top baby name trends for 2024.

Girls' Names for Boys

First up, we're flipping the script with girls' names for boys. Hello, revolution! Think Eden, Hazel, or even Florence for your little dude. Why? Because smashing those dusty gender norms is in, and thanks to icons like Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, names like Riot Rose are setting the new cool. It’s all about that soft, sensitive flair and reclaiming a slice of history.

Trending girls' names for boys: Artemis, Blair, Carmen, Eden, Fern, Florence, Greer, Harlow, Hazel, Izzy, Jade, June, Juno, Morgan, Romy, Rose, Rue, Sunny, Willow, Winter

Female Icons Take Centre Stage

Next up, the "Female Icons" trend is having a moment. The Barbie Movie might have kicked the door open, but we’re strolling through with names like Billie, Dahlia, and Isadora. They're girly, they're gutsy, they're empowering. These names pack a punch of individuality and androgyny with a side of feminism.

Trending female icon names: Althea, Billie, Clover, Colette, Dahlia, Dorothea, Eleanora, Guinevere, Isadora, Kiara, Lavender, Lulu, Palmer, Pippa, Matilda, Mavis, Sinclair, Sloane, Tabitha, Tallulah, Winslow

Brrr, it's Cold in Here

Baby name trends 2024
Curious what the "Atmospheric" baby name trend is all about?

Then, there's the "Atmospheric" trend. Think Aero, Celestial, or Storm. This baby name trend is fresh, modern, and as boundless as the sky, perfect for Gen Z parents who live life at the speed of an Insta story and are cool with name changes down the line.

Atmospheric baby names: Aero, Aire, Apollo, Aura, Azure, Celestial, Cielo, Helios, Ice, Itzel, Keilani, Lumi, Rain, Soleil, Sky, Snow, Storm, Sunny, Zephyr

Baby Men and Women

For those of you thinking long-term, the "Baby Men and Women" trend is bringing back the classics. We're talking Agnes, Alfred, Martha – names with gravitas that wouldn't be out of place in a court of law or, frankly, a bingo hall. It's about naming for the future, not just the nursery.

Trending classic baby names: Agnes, Alfred, Antonia, Arthur, Betty, Carla, Cedric, Clyde, Constance, Dolores, Duncan, Georgina, Harold, Heath, Helen, Lars, Lionel, Lois, Marjorie, Martha, Mauricio, Maxine, Ray, Roland, Sidra, Stanley, Sylvia

Names Ending in Ai (And no, not that Ai)

Riding the phonetic wave, we've got names ending in "ai" stealing the scene. From Kai to Lorelai, these names aren’t just cool, they’re globe-trotters, ready to roll off the tongue in any language, anywhere in the world.

Trending "ai" names: Azai, Azakai, Cai, Esai, Jakai, Kai, Kasai, Kenai, Khai, Lorelai, Makai, Malakai, Marsai, Mordecai, Ozai, Sai, Sakai, Sarai, Shai, Shakai, Sinai, Zai

Main Character Energy

Baby name trends 2024
Will your little one have "Main Character Energy"?

For those little ones destined to steal the spotlight, "Main Character Energy" names are your go-to. We're serving up a feast of memorable monikers from Anakin to Ziggy – names that are as bold and unique as the personalities they're bound to shape.

Popular main character names: Anakin, Athena, Azriel, Bowie, Elton, Elvis, Enola, Esmeralda, Everest, Galilea, Jetson, Joni, Kenzo, Leonidas, Marceline, Marigold, Maximo, Namari, Neo, Ophelia, Ozzy, Persephone, Primrose, Raya, Sylvester, Thaddeus, Valentino, Ziggy

Gentle Parenting Names

Last but not least, we're cosying up with "Gentle Parenting Names." Think Asa, Fia, Luan – names as soft and serene as the parenting style they're inspired by. It's all about nurturing those tiny hearts and minds with kindness and calm.

Gentle parenting names: Alfie, Ansel, Amias, Asa, Casper, Clement, Cyril, Elio, Ellis, Faye, Fia, Florian, Hale, Ione, Ines, Isolde, Ivo, Koa, Liana, Luan, Oisin, Oona, Rafe, Rhea, Rhys, Sahil, Selah, Soraya, Valo, Willa

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