A Rare ❝Christmas Star❞ Is Set To Appear For The First Time In 800 Years!

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Oh beautiful star of Bethlehem, shining far through shadows dimmed... you probably know the Christmas carol well, but have you ever seen the Star Of Bethlehem in real life? Well, in 2020 you can!

Where Can You See The Star Of Bethlehem?

Star of Bethlehem 2020
Will Jupiter and Saturn collide to create the Star of Bethlehem in 2020?

The mystical Star of Bethlehem, or Christmas Star, is set to light up our skies for the first time in close to 800 years. The fluorescent phenomenon occurs when the two largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, get so close to each other that they appear to be fused into a single glorious particle of light. The last time the Star Of Bethlehem made an appearance is believed to be as far back as the Middle Ages in the year 1226. 

When Can You See The Star Of Bethlehem?

Star of bethlehem 2020
Look west at twilight to catch the Star of Bethlehem in Australia.

This magical phenomenon is set to happen 4 days before Christmas on 21 December 2020. Those of us living in Australia (and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere) are advised to look towards the west on the evening of the 21st to see the fabulous 'Christmas Star'.

Happy stargazing!

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philip john graham

Dec 17 2020

oh, how wonderful that we get to see the star of Bethlehem(Hebrew for house of bread)again, meaning that Yeshua(Hebrew for Joshua) or as we know him, Jesus, will return again to take "his people" back to a heavenly Jerusalem(Hebrew for City of Peace) to live forever with their God and savior,hooray!!