New Viral Sweets Offering by Catering Project

  • Sat Jun 01 - Tue Dec 31 2024
  • All Ages
  • $60.95 + GST per Flat Croissant Platter, $72.45 + GST per Crookie Platter

Got a hankering for something a bit sweet? We've got you covered! Introducing the Crookie Platter and Flat Croissant Platter by Catering Project—the latest social media sensations!

Catering Project Crookie Platter
Crookie Platter

The Crookie Platter boasts 16 irresistible pieces that will leave you craving more! Oh, and ICYMI—a Crookie is a mouthwatering blend of croissant and cookie. Imagine layers of flaky croissants filled with our homemade gooey cookie dough—crunchy, chewy, and downright delicious. One bite, and you'll be hooked!

Croissant Platter
Croissant Platter

What’s flat, addictive, and everyone’s new favourite? A Flat Croissant, of course.

This innovative twist flattens the classic croissant into a thin, crispy delight while maintaining its buttery richness and delicate layers. The Flat Croissant Platter comes in four mouthwatering flavours: Pistachio, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla—sure to be crowd-pleasers!

Catering Project delivers 7 days a week to Sydney and Melbourne. Order yours now! 

Where:    Across Sydney and Melbourne
When:      Daily
Cost:       $60.95 + GST per Flat Croissant Platter, $72.45 + GST per Crookie Platter

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