Ancient Egypt for Kids at the NGV

  • Fri Jun 14 - Tue Dec 31 2024
  • Kids
  • FREE

Step into the NGV children’s gallery and embark on a captivating exploration of the lives of the pharaohs and the fascinating ancient Egyptian civilisation. From the construction of awe-inspiring pyramids to the creation of timeless art objects, there's so much to uncover about their culture, beliefs, and daily life at Ancient Egypt for Kids. 

Featuring a curated selection of artefacts from the NGV antiquities collection, hands-on activities, and immersive cinematic screenings, this exhibition is designed to engage young minds and spark curiosity.

Highlights include extraordinary artefacts like a hand-painted case from the time of the pharaohs and the intricately detailed Head covering of Padihorpasheraset.

Step into a mesmerising space adorned with floor-to-ceiling hieroglyphic imagery, where children can create their names in hieroglyphs using the technique of frottage. Plus, preschoolers can unleash their creativity in a play zone filled with building blocks to construct their own magnificent pyramid formations.

With this exhibition, young visitors are equipped with a playful foundation to explore and learn about cultures from different countries and time periods. For an unforgettable adventure, combine your visit with Pharaoh, the NGV’s 2024 Melbourne Winter Masterpieces® exhibition, and set the whole family on an epic journey through history!

For more information, visit the website.

Where:   NGV, St Kilda Road, Melbourne
When:    Opens 14 June 2024
Cost:      FREE entry

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