Why Crazy Arms are the Must-Have Summer Sports Accessory

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It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention, and when three creative dads decided to get serious about skin protection, they became the fathers of invention. Crazy Arms are an easy and innovative way to protect your kids from some of the most extreme effects of the sun and are an essential accessory for Aussie families who love spending summer in the great outdoors. Here’s why...

What sun damage actually does

It has never been more important to protect our kids from sun exposure. UV rays wreak havoc on children, and painful, red, peeling skin is just one side effect. The more dangerous effects lie beneath the surface, as sunburn damages DNA at a cellular level. The solution? Protect their sensitive skin early and prevent damage before it starts.


Easy, peasy protection

Parents have all struggled with the endless battle of trying to apply and reapply sunscreen on sandy, sweaty skin. Then there’s the wrigglers, the whiners and washing-off in water. It’s not just a risk at the beach or pool either; summer sports and fun days outdoors can lead to sunburn when you least expect it. While it’s important to slip, slop, slap, Crazy Arms can eliminate some of the stress!

Crazy but clever with UPF 50+ 

Combining a fun idea with smart innovation, Crazy Arms are the take-anywhere, sun-protective sleeves that keep kids looking cool while keeping their lower arms covered. Made to be worn under t-shirts, the lightweight fabric packs in a UPF 50+ rating to protect exposed arms. Arms account for about 25-30% of your child’s body exposure to the sun, so Crazy Arms are a fuss-free way to keep a large proportion of the body safe.


Home-Grown and Eco-Friendly

Designed by down-to-earth dads to tackle a quintessentially Aussie problem, Crazy Arms are made in Australia, with the least possible impact on the environment. Manufactured from old fishing nets recovered from the ocean, and other nylon waste, they are chlorine-resistant and long-lasting and come in a range of irresistible kid-friendly designs.


Putting the fun in function

With these super hip designs, kids will want to show off their Crazy Arms! Their limited edition styles include Emojis, mermaids, dinosaurs, unicorns and skulls. Plus, the Dolphin Arm Sleeves include a donation to healthyseas.org, to help protect our oceans as well as our arms. There is also a 'one-size-fits-most' adult range in crazy camo and a collection of colours.

Stock up on Crazy Arms now and get set for summer! Priced from just $27.50 per pair, they make a great birthday gift or Christmas stocking filler.

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