What Is The Best Value Toilet Paper?

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It will go down in history as one of the strangest and most challenging times Australians have ever had to endure. We shall never forget those crazy, confusing days, as dread and desperation took hold - and we're not just talking about the Coronavirus epidemic. There is one thing irrevocably entwined with the COVID-19 crisis that will remain forever stamped on our collective conscience: #toiletpapergate.

Panic buying, empty shelves, buying restrictions, neighbourhood hoarders - there is clearly nothing we as a nation fear more than that last square or, worse still, having to resort to a more abrasive alternative.

We might never understand how that essential sanitary product became our most coveted commodity, but to ensure we don’t get cheated at the checkout, leading customer advocacy group Choice has done the dirty work to find the best value toilet paper money can buy.

Based on price and quality, Choice has determined which loo rolls are best for your bottom line, and insist there are budget brands that deliver the same plush softness as the lux alternatives. The trick is looking out for 'unit pricing' that breaks down the cost per 100 sheets.

You can bet your bottom dollar these are the best buys for your behind:

Woolworths Essentials White Toilet Tissue 2 Ply

Woolworths Essentials White Toilet Tissue 2 Ply

CHOICE Expert Rating: 76%
Cost per 100 sheets: $0.12

This supermarket house-brand scored exceptionally well for disintegration, separation and softness, but lost points for puncture-resistance, so handle with care.

Coles Toilet Tissue 2 Ply

Coles Toilet Tissue 2 Ply

CHOICE Expert Rating: 74%
Cost per 100 sheets: $0.12

Another supermarket home-brand staple, this one is a close second with a slight improvement on the puncture test.

Allure Luxury Soft 3 Ply White

Allure Luxury Soft 3 Ply White

CHOICE Expert Rating: 73%
Cost per 100 sheets: $0.19

This IGA own-brand product scored the same as the other supermarkets' products for softness and boasts a better puncture score. Plus, the extra dosh will give you 3-plys of pillowy comfort.

Notable Mentions

Other worthy contenders - more expensive substitutes that still offer good value - are:

Purex Soft White (74%; 20c/100 sheets)
Naturale 100% Recycled (71%; 22c/100 sheets)
Aldi Confidence Extra Soft (71%; 24c/100 sheets)
Coles So Soft Thick & Strong (77%; 24c/100 sheets)
Woolworths Select Luxury Soft (74%; 24c/100 sheets)
Aldi Confidence Extra Soft (71%; 24 c/100 sheets)

Bottoms up!

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