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Once upon a time, there was a princess who married her charming prince. The princess loved preparing three-course dinners for her husband. She spent hour upon hour shopping, preparing the ingredients and slaved over a hot stove cooking fancy feasts for her love. The End.

I’ll admit this is a nice fairy-tale, but that’s all it is! Cinderella and Snow White had it tough until they found their prince and, instead of witches and dragons that had to be slain, there are far worse creatures that most modern princesses have to endure: taxes, work and stubborn stains.

Balancing a job, raising a family and maintaining a clean household proves to be difficult. I still love cooking every meal but instead of Filet Mignon, bangers and mash have become the norm. Whether you are taking one toddler (or in my case, four) to the shops it can become a three-hour, gruelling marathon. I used to enjoy shopping for groceries, but with a growing family and being time-poor, I looked for novel solutions. I was shopping but not really giving much thought as to what I was going to prepare for the family. Online grocery shopping is wonderful, but I still found that I would end up with huge wastage. The kids found mealtime boring and I wasn’t necessarily content that the things I prepared were nutritious. Having someone else who didn’t really care about selecting fruit and veg on my behalf didn’t seem to cut it until I started trialling meal-prep alternatives.

Cook It Yourself Meal Kits

Hello Fresh, Marley Spoon and Dinnerly are a one-stop-shop for your weekly meal preparations. They provide simple step-by-step menu cards (no cooking experience required – even my kids get involved in the preparations) and all of the ingredients to produce your weekly feasts. 

The online process is simple to use and you can customise your order to feed a big family or just yourself. Options are flexible and can be set so the order is recurring. You can see what the recipes are for the weeks ahead and of course, there are vegetarian options on offer. All the ingredients are outlined and state whether they may or may not suit one’s dietary requirements. The main differences between these providers are the recipes that are on offer, delivery times and, of course, the price.

Go! Kidz

Go! Kidz

While most meal delivery services offer family-friendly options, sometimes you just want to indulge in some creative cuisine without having to worry about fussy little eaters. Well, now there's a meal delivery service just for them. Go! Kidz delivers super healthy - and yummy - ready-to-eat children’s meals that kids love, including chicken nuggets, lasagne and cottage pie. Created with an expert nutritionist, they are made from fresh ingredients and perfectly sized for a quick, easy, wholesome dinner. 

Go! Kidz uses snap freezing to lock in all the goodness and preserve the nutrition of their meals - nothing is processed and they reheat perfectly. Available for one-off purchases or in meal plans, Go! Kidz meals are delivered frozen right across the Sydney metro area and 7 meals are only $45.

BONUS OFFER! Simply enter 'ELLASLIST' during checkout to receive a bonus Apple Crumble dessert with your order. No need to add the apple crumble to the cart – it will arrive as a bonus with your delivery. One redemption per customer. 

Dinner Ladies

For those of you who work late and are too tired to cook, or yearn for a humble home-cooked meal (without having to find an excuse to visit your mum), jump online and visit the huge range that The Dinner Ladies have to offer. With delicious dinners delivered to your door, it’s no wonder that families continue to go back for more. 

All ingredients are either free-range or grass-fed from sustainable Australian agriculture, and the veggies and herbs are purchased directly from the markets. You will find classics such as Lasagne and Cottage Pie, through to family favourites like Thai Chicken Curry and Pulled Pork with BBQ sauce. There are also special menu options for toddlers, vegetarians and other dietary requirements.

Lettuce Deliver

There’s nothing more depressing than visiting one of the major grocery stores and finding fruit and veggies damaged, squashed, and, in most cases, offering a very short shelf life. 

Enter, Lettuce Deliver, a home delivery company specialising in organic fruits, vegetables and other organic food and products. Lettuce Deliver offers the highest quality in fresh produce, free from chemicals and preservatives. But the real game-changer? Lettuce Deliver will not source any of their produce from farmers unless the products have been grown in line with the National Standard for Organic Production and are certified Organic or Biodynamic by an independent certifying body like ACO or NASAA.  Lettuce Deliver also never hold stock and only source their fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products as orders some in – that’s right, no hanging around in the fridge for days for these products! With an assortment of seasonal boxes varying in sizes and bursting with the freshest produce, and Meal Kits (packages) to make a hassle-free meal, Lettuce Deliver is a one-stop-shop for all of your organic needs.


Ooooby delivers seasonal and organic fruit and vegetables to your door. Ooooby launched in 2013 and since then, have delivered over 70,000 boxes of local food to more than 3,000 Sydney residents. With a huge range of local and organic fruit and vegetables to choose from, Ooooby provides the freshest local produce, making fruit and vegetable shopping stress-free for you and your whole family. 

With vegetable boxes starting from $24 and mixed fruit, and vegetable boxes offering a range of sizes to suit any household, they make this process stress-free and simple. Delivery is free for orders at or over $44 and there are hundreds of recipes on the website to help with inspiration when it comes to meals.

Special offer for ellaslist! Enter the code "ELLASLIST" to receive $20 off your first box of Ooooby produce! Start shopping here!

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